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8 Jul 2021 – Heatwave, Hailstorm, Hurricane

Mon: what in the world is happening in Canada and the rest of the world?? Candles are melting for cousin Klaus in Vancouver and hailstones from cousin Yun in Toronto!! I remember seeing this kind of hailstones one time during my FL/USAdays when our RedVWbug was affected and had to undergo a whole new bodywork repairs. Appreciations for their share of these pix. Besides this havoc of the heatwave&hailstones, hurricane season has also started! Family&friends+everyone in the affected areas, plx take care.


From niece Dika/USA: the Chicago area was hit with 3 tornadoes within a week. One reached speeds of 130mph! I’m used to getting warnings on my cellphone now.


From cousin Susannah/Canada: I’m headed North to Smithers and this is the route I take – fires by Pavilion, soo many fires, so hot and dry.

There’s one issue that will define the contours of this century more dramatically than any other, and that is the urgent threat of a changing climate – Barack Obama

On top of all the natural disasters, another disaster due to probable construction+maintence affected by climate change in the ChamplainTowers Condo at Surfside (north of Miami), FL/USA where a building collapsed. So far 50+bodies have been found but more ppl unaccounted for – prayers&thoughts are with all affected.


Tue: where can I find good authentic OrhNee (芋泥) made with pork lard? Have now tried the cakes, tarts & swiss roll – but still prefer the traditional OrhNee in a bowl. Used to (ie many moons ago!) like what they served at PohKee/TiongBahru, but it does not taste the same nowadays!! For my overseas family&friends, this is a Teochew dessert of sweet taro/yam paste.

Wed: HaigRdMarket&FoodCentre, all ready for the National Day (first time here). Appreciations to Helen for today’s lunch co, this time round tasting good Cantonese food from one who was a chef in SIN-Marriot! The last time round here was SarawakLaksa+KoloMee then, tkx to cousin Karen – do recommend both these stalls and will return to this market to taste more stalls.


It was fun to walk around this market to check out what looks good. Discovered that the nursery that was once upon a time on AmberRd next to the SeaviewCondos is now located here and saw some most unusual cactus plant there.

So many interesting things to taste, do&see and so little time!

The stomach did not have any space for durians or fresh coconut juice after the yummy seafood lunch, next time round! The needed haircut appointment was calling.

Hangar66cafe WingsOverAsia, this unique and cosy cafe/lounge is located within an aircraft hangar up close with real private aircrafts with day/night views of private jet runway.

A wonderful peaceful afternoon in their upstairs membership lounge all to ourselves watching the private planes land&take off. Still stuffed from lunch but had a hot chocolate and shared a piece of their cheese cake to enjoy the lovely ambience.

The location is slightly out of any main drag, even the grab driver had problems fining the way, but definitely worth the visit, especially on a weekday if you can drive here.


Did not know how I could eat more food, but the clams ordered by CC were delicious. Tkx to Calvin&co for dinner, had to go there to check out what they are doing to the corks – it was time to adjust&resize+to count the 440corks! Also Calvin wanted to get his dates correct for when&where CC was located over the 34yrs. Grateful to all for an enjoyable&delightful afternoon&evening. Next haircut with Helen – sometime in Aug. Looking forward to another new adventure&outing.

Thu: both body&soul need to calm down today, but will need to do some grocery shopping, especially the heavier items before the weekend and probably be offline and out of action next week.

From Garry6Jul: Trip around the block #24. Since most of us have some money in a super fund, it is likely that, through the fund’s investments, we own part of the Pilbara! So it was off to have a look at what ‘our companies’ were doing(ie BHP, Rio and Fortesque. Gina’s $4 billion profit last year is from her private company). Well judging by the 24 hr cranes, loaders, ships and lights at Port Headland, the length of the ore-carrying trains [1.5kms and 200+ cars with 1 driver] criss crossing the region, the mountains removed and the depth of the holes in the ground, the size of the machinery and the number of workers, they are doing plenty! So it’s Port Headland, Marble Bar, Newman, Tom Price, Paraburdoo and back to the coastal highway at Nanutarra.

So it’s Port Headland, Marble Bar – lovely little town with nice community feel to it – unlike some of the other company made towns. This old stone building now houses the tourist centre, mining registrar, police and courthouse.
Camped a few nights at Albert Tognolini camp area between Marble Bar and Newman. Great spot. The early explorers thought the outcrops of jasper they saw were Marble, hence the name. Easy enough to confuse.
The radio tells you what’s coming. A 4.8 or a 5.2 refers to the width of the load in metres. The biggest I passed was 8.6m wide and there were three of them, trucks! Lots of very large machinery being moved about.
BHP’s Mt Whaleback mine at Newman. Camping roadside between Newman and Tom Price. Great views. Mt Nameless at Tom Price.
Must be a few hundred vehicles in Paraburdoo airport parking lot – all with red flags, and many of them Thrifty rentals! Rio own the airport. Impressive community assets thanks to the state commitment to spend percentage of mining royalties in the area from which they were generated.
Another roadside camping spot.
Karratha – impressive, modern town.

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