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13 Jun 2021 – Kind & Thoughtful Gestures

Wed9Jun2021: Happy 12Bday to #4 – where did the 12yrs go? Feels like yesterday when I was up for her 2am feeds!

Now enjoying her last pre-teen Bday, rain or shine. Does not get easier to not see some of my flock since 2019. Hope to be able to be there when she turns to be a teenager! Pix credits to Linn.

Tkx to May for this – arr today, mailed 28May2021 from OSL/Norway, 10days for snailmail is quite fast! Looking forward to setting this Apple iPhone7 (2016) BCG-E3091A up for use. The old one, iPhone4 (2010) BCG-E2643A was not so reliable and often got cut-off in video&voice calls, but  considering I have had it since I do not even even when? from Clement. The younger generation like their latest high-tech while I am grateful with inheriting their old ones.

Thu: appreciations to CathChua for her share  of this video on FB/APOP on Bella loves sushi more than you (@heybellafoodie on Insta | @bellafoodie on TikTok). Not sure how to reload it here but a reminder for myself what an adorable&lovable toddler, well brought up by good-role model parents with thank yous&please. If only there are more parents like these – made my day, especially being rather bumped-out lately.
Thank you to dear niece Pat-Lynne&grandniece Beth for visit+yummy home-made food with an apple to keep the Drs away!
Fri: app@SGH for PET-Scan – steroids intravenously followed by tracer, taking 3hrs for the effect before scanning the upper body. After 4+hrs, S$400+poorer, could eat again – had to fast before the scan! Considering my luck with the family-history of both cancer&heart issues, better check out now what more needs to be done since unable to travel. Hopefully can do more in the bucket-list before hitting the bucket – still 2more scans for this month!
Sat: yummy DryMeeSiam (2boxes for my order, 1 for AudreyW and 1 for me, pix credit to Lionel for his massive delivery order for today), AyamBuahKeluak & AssamStingRay delivered by Lionel. Tkx to Leonard to setting up iPhone, now ready for action and appreciations to niece for dinner company. Thoughtful gestures&good company from family&friends make these days easier to get thru’.
Kindness is more important than wisdom, and the recognition of this is the beginning of wisdom -Theodore Isaac Rubin
Sun: tkx to AudreyM for this share – hope that she will have time to get on some of these routes before she takes off. For less than S$1 (Seniors), these routes are well-worth to get on – highly recommended and for those who have not been on a bus in SIN, they are safe, clean&comfortable with AC. Have been enjoying their services for over 2decades with no complains!
Finding a family member in SIN who will appreciate these Scandinavian wooden hand-made&painted dolls and I think cousin Karen might like them, also got her a package of Kedondong.
One more day of max group size up to 2ppl household visitors a day, tomorrow, up to 5ppl.

Lucifer MorningStar

8 June 2021 – Year’s School-Ending Concert

Sat&Sun: – plx be vigilant, be safe and stay home if you do not have to be anywhere, eventhough we are not under total lockdown. To family&friends in Malaysia, our neighbouring country – take good care, be safe&healthy under their Movement Control Order/MCO (MCO in Malaysia while in SIN, it is known as CircuitBreaker=total lockdown) which started on the 1st. Here’s special thoughts to bro Lawrence who is now under medical care in KL/Malaysia.

We make every effort to see that our actions live up to our words and be vigilant with regards to our behavior – Thomas Sankara

A peaceful&quiet weekend with late morning’s heavy downpours to catch up with cheesy flicks+Lucifer S5 E1-16, another eye-candy! The translators of this version took the word from the Latin Vulgate, which translated הֵילֵל by the Latin word lucifer=the morning star, the planet Venus, or, as an adjective, light-bringing. Another piece of useless trivial info for Lucifer MorningStar fans like me!

Sinners think they are saints, but saints know they are sinners – PeterKreeft

Mon: #1 on summer break from the U, and #5&6 enjoying their last few months with just one single digit to count their age!

Sooo missing yet another year’s school-ending sound of music from my flock in USA&Norway – #2/harp, #3/cello, #4/double-bass. Just discovered that #2 plays the harp, appreciations to their paternal grandmom, Cindy for sharing these pix! Memories of Sun-Brunch on the QueenMary in LongBeach,CA/USA where there was someone playing the harp in between the ice-sculptures!

Not seeing my overseas family&friends is not getting easier! Somedays are more difficult than others and this is one of them, probably due to the lack of sleep having pulled a neck muscle. Hoping&praying that this pandemic will soon be over and can look forward to catching up again.

Appreciations to Gel for visit and for the yummy BakChang/Zongzi 粽子 steamed glutinous rice stuffed with different fillings wrapped in bamboo leaves + SoonKueh筍粿 steamed dumplings stuffed with chives or bamboo shoots or dried shrimp wrapped in a skin made of rice&tapioca flour.

Tue: Happy World Oceans Day. App@NHC/SGH, first time here – a cuppa+a bite hit the spot after a long wait for a check-up.

Did not realize about the Kopitiam here, so did not bring my card to get any discount! Nice to be able to sit outside – must be the only location to be able to sit and eat since no dining in and only take-aways restrictions started!!

The below link was posted by ATC and my comment&total recommendation – take it from someone who did not know better when hiking the AT-Thru-Hike then, fording the Kennebec River, ME/USA 24Aug2005. It was a very dangerous, nerve wrecking and a stupid thing to do, so plx DO make use of the ferry service provided.

KennebecRiverFerr 2021: 28May–30Jun 30:  9 to11hrs daily. 1Jul–30Sep 9 to14hrs daily.

From Garry7Jun: around the block # 14. Out of Darwin and first camp was at the delightful Pussycat Flats Racecourse – a few kms from Pine Creek! Well 12yrs ago it had been a racetrack, rodeo ground and a golf course- now its a campground with lots of green grass and a bar from 6-8! Then off to Victoria River Roadhouse but stopping in Katherine for coffee with Ian Falk and also at Willeroo Station to buy some much needed fuel. The red moon eclipse was practically clouded out! Bummer.
Trip around the block #15. After Timber Creek crossed into WA where the border controls for both fruit and veggies were as strict as the controls for dangerous Victorian refugees urgently fleeing their virus riddled state! Onward to Wyndham – a town done with both dying and death and now firmly in decay! Has four claims to fame. 1. Australia’s northern most town.
2 the world’s largest cement crocodile – tons of cement and miles of chicken wire, and….. designed by computer! 3. A great towering lookout over the crocodile infested delta into which 5 rivers flow. 4. ‘Kaiser’ – the oldest surviving internal combustion engine in Australia!
What town could outdo that list? But, the big meatworks is gone and there is a small iron ore loader operating. Everything else seemed closed – including the crocodile breeding centre! Hardly needed! Great bosb trees at Perrys Farm Wilderness. Boab fruit ź like big kiwi fruit with white marble-like interior.
Crocodiles are easy, they try to kill and eat you. People are harder. Sometimes they pretend to be your friend first ― Steve Irwin
Trip around the block #16. Camped at Parry Farms, a wilderness spot where the mozzie were more scary than Michaela Cash and big enough to put a saddle on! Then off across the mud delta and down a long dirt road to the infamous
Prison Boab Tree. This huge hollow boab, still alive, was used to imprison Aboriginal men being brought from Derby to Wyndham to face court. 20 men could be crammed inside the tree for the night and any more were chained by neck and leg to the outside of the tree. Also stopped at the Gorotto. Impressive gorge and swimming pool. Onward to Kununurra

Hello June2021

4 Jun 2021 – Feeling Nostalgic

Memory believes before knowing remembers ― William Faulkner

Tue: Happy Bday Morten, a charming&gracious x-bro-in-law who I have known since he was 14 and I, 18, and we share many fond memories from then! Today he is 67, a father of 3, grandfather of 4? a Chair@UNIS and a reputable Professor@UiT Department of Geosciences. Caught up with him in Aug/Sep2019 Tromsø/Norway and also the last I saw of Ellen, may she RIP.

Grocery shopping@Giant/Tampines~S$120 with~S$4SenSave. Trying out these new products and pleased with them, SugarlessChocolateS$7.55 and Käji-IndividuallyWrappedS$5.90.

At one of the fruit-shops near the PosB/BedokCentralBranch, delighted to find fresh ChineseBayberry/MyricaRubra,Yangmei杨梅S$6/400g always thought them to be berries, but just found out that they are fruits grown on trees. Have not had them since the 2009 HKG-trip!! Appreciations to AnnaM for this info – Corbezzolo in Italian and Sardinia is the main Italian county where they produce such honey for they have plenty of trees… They use honey on the traditional seadas, dessert, stuffed pastry like raviolo with cheese and dip fried served with honey on steaming hot pastry so that it trickles down.

Wed: Happy 72Bday KK, one of my oldest friends, somehow it is difficult to image knowing someone who is not a relative for nearly 7decades and still friends! Took out my last piece of Gravlaks from the freezer to celebrate a Bday-lunch, tkx for his yummy NasiUlam and salad. Water still dripping outside eventhough the rains have stopped hours ago, checked all the floors above me (8-12) and saw that the water was coming from the roof. Called & forwarded pix to MP-TownC and hope that they can resolved this problem.

What do we call this moment? A serendipity mixed into a nostalgia mixed into a deja vu mixed into an epiphany ― Avijeet Das

Thu&Fri: there are 45 new cases of COVID-19 in SIN today, not a TGIF! A good weekend to all – plx be vigilant, be safe and stay home if you do not have to be anywhere else.

Just one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day – Dalai Lama

Discovered this fantastic link that get me around the world with~8,000stations+any the news station as well as my favourite symphony-92-4. Happy listening – Music evokes so many feelings in us, memories, nostalgia, things that are connected to our past –

June’s Bdays:

1 Jun – Happy Bdays Morten
2 Jun – Happy Bdays KK & RichardLee
6 Jun – Happy Bday Dika & Harry
9 Jun – Happy Bday Sophie
15Jun – my father would have been 110. L&M’s paternal grandfather would have been 98
15Jun – Happy Bday AmyJ
20Jun – Happy Father’s Day
25Jun – Happy Bdays Chon/John, Clement & Huang/HI,USA.
28Jun – Happy Bdays Jeff & JohnWilson
30Jun – Happy Bdays JenMun & Annie