COVID-19 Breathalyser

31 July 2021: Message To Antivaccination Groups

Jul2021: From SIN PM LeeHsienLoong – Tried out the TracieX breathalyser COVID-19 test before attending Parliament today. It was developed locally by Silver Factory Technology, a start-up from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. The test has been registered with the Health Sciences Authority/HSA and is currently undergoing validation.
The process was fast, simple and non-invasive. I breathed into a special tube for 10 seconds, which was then closed, disinfected and placed into a reader for analysis. The whole process only took 2 minutes. I’m sure many would prefer this to a swab test! 
Looking forward for validation&production – bro Leslie is one of the investors for this project.

Roald Dahl (1916-1990), one of my favourite British children’s authors who wrote Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – his message to antivaccination groups!

Olivia, my eldest daughter, caught measles when she was seven years old. As the illness took its usual course I can remember reading to her often in bed and not feeling particularly alarmed about it. Then one morning, when she was well on the road to recovery, I was sitting on her bed showing her how to fashion little animals out of coloured pipe-cleaners, and when it came to her turn to make one herself, I noticed that her fingers and her mind were not working together and she couldn’t do anything.
‘Are you feeling all right?’ I asked her.
‘I feel all sleepy,’ she said.
In an hour, she was unconscious. In twelve hours she was dead.
The measles had turned into a terrible thing called measles encephalitis and there was nothing the doctors could do to save her. That was…in 1962, but even now, if a child with measles happens to develop the same deadly reaction from measles as Olivia did, there would still be nothing the doctors could do to help her. On the other hand, there is today something that parents can do to make sure that this sort of tragedy does not happen to a child of theirs. They can insist that their child is immunised against measles.
I dedicated two of my books to Olivia, the first was ‘James and the Giant Peach’. That was when she was still alive. The second was ‘The BFG’, dedicated to her memory after she had died from measles. You will see her name at the beginning of each of these books. And I know how happy she would be if only she could know that her death had helped to save a good deal of illness and death among other children – Roald Dahl,1986.
Wed: thank you for today’s lunch&dinner – yummy home-made potato salad with chicken&salad from niece May/Patricia. Managed to finished the left-overs for dinner+mini Swiss rolls from Leo for dessert. Appreciate the good company and Leo’s high-tech help for forwarding a WhatsApp message from nephew Chon/John regarding about his father, my eldest bro Lawrence’s situation to the family.
Thu: tkx to GeoffreyK/lime (or linden) and the variety is TiliaCordata/greenspire and PaulK/CornusKousa, a flowering tree Dogwood  for pix of these lovely trees – now updated&edited.
Fri: grocery shopping to make use of the last weekday 3%SenSav before they change this saving for only Tue again. Today’s total bill S$90.44 after deducting S$20/voucher and S$3.42/SenSav – not including S$6.10/CoconutWater and S$21/YoléYogurt
Sat: 8yrs ago today was onto Day4 where RedSquirrels existed while hiking the UKc2c thru-hike/309km 192mi in 16days.
Byebye Jul2021, finally the long awaited rains moved in&out quickly. It has been hot&balmy the past 2weeks and the last I remember seeing the rains was when I was drowsy&groggy just out of surgery! Tkx to Clement for co&popiah lunch.

31Jul2021: WorldOmeter of COVID-19 deaths are as follow:

SIN/pop 5.6+mil in an area of 721SqKm – 37
SC/USA/pop 5+mil in an area of 82, 932SqKm – 9,904
Norway/pop 5.3+mil in an area of 365,268SqKm – 799

Summer Time 2021

27 Jul 2021 – And The Living Is Easy

Sat: made my week to talk to both L&M with #6 enjoying his 10thBday on the beach@Tides Folly Beach (1 Center St, Folly Beach, SC/USA). Pix credits to LInn.

Its summer time in OSL/Norway in a real Garden of Eden juicing her cherries – pix credits to May. Good to chat with them both for updates, etc hoping that travel will be more opened again for their future trips to visit SIN in 2022! When I lived in Norway, we used to make our own CherryLiqueur, ( cherries soaked in DrSpirit for months!) best liqueur ever I have tasted and then the cherries were used in the ChristmasFruitCakes – both very good&popular. Seems like a decent harvest from their garden this year. Miss not able to taste all these fresh organic produce – she makes the best bruschette with their home-grown tomatoes.

Sun: tkx for Indonesian home-made GardoGardo+SotoAyam lunch from KK, his helper instructed by him makes tasty healthy foods – the best SotoAyam tasted.

Walked to take out dinner+durian from MingKitchen@59MarineTerrace (rice, soup veggie&chicken for 2ppl S$30) – no worries, Clement carried all the foods. On the right track to recovery when durian/S$18 is on the menu, hahaha.

This is definitely worth to share, ie ALL parents should take a few mins to listen to this young person who I so totally agree with. From a mother of 2 and a grandmother of 6!

Mon: Good Monday morning! How wonderful to start this week with Olympics-Triathlon-Brave Blummenfelt winning gold for Norway with Meteor wows Norway after blazing through last night sky night.…/world/norway-meteor/index.html

Appreciations to Ivy for lunch – satay+seafoodBeeHoon from TanglinClub.

And thank you to Carmel whose kindness&thoughtfulness are always at the right time&place. Am sooo totally blessed&spoilt with all the caring&concerns from family&friends, feeling absolutely appreciative&grateful for their attention to help with the healing&recovery process.

Tue: a needed quiet day to finish left-overs with snooze&screen-time and glad to be completely done with AntiB. A call from the surgeon this morning – Cancer/Stage1, but the good news is that it has now been completely removed. No other treatments needed now except for follow-up appointments+scans to check that it does not return. With the family history of lung-cancer (mother 2ndbro&uncle died of lung-cancer), the sitting-duck was me! as I do not smoke and generally lead a healthy life.

I like food and sleep. So if I give you my food, or text you late at night, you are special to me –

To&from Garry – Me: Did I miss Trip around the block #26????

Garry Rogers: just testing to see who is paying attention! You win the bottle of Moet Amy!
26Jul: Trip around the block # 27 Spent almost 3 weeks camped on a sand dune at Cleaverville, near Karratha. With temps around 30° and crappy cold wet weather down south, there was no reason to move on.
The former shallow port of Cossack. Now deserted in that no one lives there but preserved as an historical precinct and big Cossack Art festival. Cossack Court House.
Ok you win!
Exmouth = whale sharks, turtles and coral. Surrounded by these giant communication towers courtesy USA originally and now Harold Holt Naval Base.
This is serious trailer fishing boat country. Guess they left the pipe for a good reason.
Mandurah Mandurah gorge walk. Turquoise Bay.

Healing And Recuperating

23 Jul 2021 – Garden Of Eden

Mon: Happy 24Anniversary to my beautiful first-born – miss and love them all tons and wish I could be there to help and be of support in these troubled times.

Appreciations to Carmel for delicious yummy fresh berries&fruits+orchids – in the Garden of Eden with my favourite NZ bite-size apples but I am not Eve, so will eat all the apples I want – hahaha. KK did mentioned that – If you are Eve, you are too old to care whether there is a snake around (remember, Eve was a young woman!). Feeling young is far from what I feel today, maybe young at heart, but definitely NOT the body!!! Having the runs all day, the system needing to rid all the chemicals ingested during surgery.

Good to chat with Ann(Perth) and appreciations to DaisyL for the lovely bouquet to cheer me up when my movements are even slower than the sloth! But then have just been informed by Garry that sloths can move quickly! In Sri Lanka, they are one of few animals to stalk and attack humans! In my ignorance I thought that sloths are the most slowest&harmless, but I supposed if they are threatened, that will be another story!!

Tue: 2above pix downloaded. Selamat Hari Raya Haji to all celebrating, a public holiday here in SIN. Sometime I do get confused with these Hari Rayas. Today is Haji (end of Hajj, korban/the sacrifice, a ritual for this).

Not to mix up with Puasa (marks the end of the fasting month of Ramadan/fasting month)

C-19cases up in the 100+ restrictions back to Phase2. Saddened&shocked over the news about RiverValleyHighSchool murder, do not ever remember reading or hearing of a murder in school here in SIN!

Trying out the services of Deliveroo for the first time – was having YoléYogurt in mind as my supply was getting low, but no delivery for that, so decided to try my favourite HokkienMeeS$15.20 (including delivery charges) from Lorong29 and pleased with their service and the meal was kept hot. The medium size with 5good size prawns will last me for 3meals!!

Wed: tkx to DaisyC for BatangFishSoup – poor her! Sounds like she has a contractor from HELL to renovate her place. Tkx to Clement for picking up the litre YoléYogurt box S$23, few of the foods which is really a help to calm the stomach at present.

Thu: 10yrs ago Fri22Jul2011, a day Norwegians will never forget! In memory to all who lost their lives then.

Happy Sarawak Day – missing my Bday KCH visits with family&friends and missing their KCH-Laksa, KoloMee, Midin – the last was Jan2019! Wonder when I can be there again? The nearest place I can order take-out KCH Laksa&KoloMee is@HaigRdMarket and that is closed due to a raise of C-19cases there! Good to hear from Chuan&AnnChee from KCH.

Appreciations to CK for these yummy quiche (no cheese) – finally had the pleasure to meet him. Could not wait till tomorrow, tasted one and looking forward to breakfast tomorrow. And here is to a real man who eats and likes quiche, but makes them too.

Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche / Never settle with words what you can accomplish with a flamethrower – Bruce Feirstein

Fri: Happy Bday to #5 who now counts his age in 2digits. The opening of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 in Japan – already delayed a year, but personally, I still think that this not a good idea to continue! Today is also the opening for Peer Gynt på Gålå and this year both of Guri’s children, Peder&Eline will be taking part. Was fortunate to be able to be there in 2019.

To live is to war with trolls in heart and woul.
To write is to sit in judgement on oneself ― Henrik Johan Ibsen, Peer Gynt

Tkx to HS&BT for ThunderTeaRice/LeiChaFan擂茶+omelett from JooChiat – a wholesome healthy meal with ground green tea, nuts or seeds, basil&mint soup. It is an acquired taste and it has been a while ago since I last had it, now is the perfect time for this healing foods.

A New Laptop For SGH Stay

19 Jul 2021 – NAKED Singapore Style

Fri: grocery shopping at Giant/Tampines – MeatsS$32 minus 3%SrSav

Durians total S$19.40. 5 for S$10+3 for S$10 with .60c SrSav, – packed them so well that I managed to take them on the bus, all 8durians! – really good deals&promotions considering that there is also 3%SrSav and points to my PassionCard. For that kind of price, they are very decent. Nice to have Clement, SL&Leonard over for dinner.

Tkx Leonard for a new HuaweiPortableBluetoothSpeaker and for setting up the new laptop from Michael. Good to have an extra lighter laptop if I have to be away from my 4-walls, this one is easier to take with me.

Sat: pix from Mick&Ann in Dublin! They said that it was good – has anyone else seen or tasted this outside of Ireland? With a tagline like NAKED Singapore Style, it got my attention and I am really curious now! Some funny comments from FB friends: AudreyW: Naked..means just curry n water? LolChengCH: Consume while naked.

Sun: checking into SGH to get the AntigenRapidTest/ART done with neg results before admission. At the rate I am here, should be able to find my way around blind-folded! No available beds in the Block5-56-Cward, but had the luxury of being in an AC ICU room for the night with interesting observations&eavesdroppings – MrMachoMuscle, perhaps imagining that he was the main attraction, but I must admit all my ears&eyes wanted was a quiet rest! MrNoPainKillerForMe, too much poison, but smokes and would cry Aiyoh painful!! MsPrissy with a husband who brought her gourmet food to feed her as she was having seizures but seems like there was nothing to show in the scan results!!!

Mon: 0835hrs – procedure (R VATS KIV) surgical removal of a nodule in the upper R-Lung discovered during scans in the beginning of the year for the thyroids. Now with the Metabolic Imbalance taken care of, this is the next step. With a family history of lung-cancer, best to get rid of it and hope&pray that it bye bye forever to it! In ICU with morphine on demand but making me throw up all night – looks like you can’t have the cake and eat it – min pain, max nauseous in ICU.

Tue: infection is NOT welcome, now on AntiB intravenously in ICU to fight this very annoying infection.

Wed: must be on the mend to to taken away from ICU, but now off morphine on demand, less nauseous but the pain was NO fun! Effort to cough with the an infected lung saturated with yukky infection and ridding of phlegm is another story! Breathing excises and a security small hug pillow do help. Morning out on the ward and probably still in a dazed, thought I was in some MamaShop, the sight all the foods piled on the table across the bed by the window with the scanning sound which was the drug dispenser, a welcoming figure now ready for my array of drug cocktails!!

Thu: the most exciting event of the day was watching these 2men cleaning the vents – another interesting observation; in previous days it would be a Chinese instructing an Indian and now it is reversed! Also learnt that there is still a tube attached to my R-Lung, thus lugging this thing (to check the liquid in the lung) which has to be with me where ever I am+2other needles in the arm.

Fri: discovered this piece of paradise in the AC waiting room where I could hide with my book, (still struggling with BillBryson’s WalkInTheWoods/2nd time round) but at this stage still getting dizzy with too much screen or words time. Overheard another conversation between a Chinese, Indian&Malay guys who were comparing SGH to CGH and it tickled me to find out that SGH-SureToGoHome while CGH-CannotGoHome, hahaha

Sat: ~0600hrs Xray, ~0900hrs tube out from lung, ~1000hrs Xray all cleared to be discharged by 1400hrs. A big THANK-YOU to DrBH ONG+team and to all our health care workers for their dedication&good work@Block5/Ward56/Level6/Room22/Bed4. Appreciations to Clement for seeing me back to my 4-walls, feeding me to make sure that I will survive. Another surgery down, life moves forward and the next step is to organize and sort out my drugs! Truly blessed to have such caring&concerning family&friends and no I will not miss hospital food no matter how nourishing, lol.

Getting old is not for sissies ― Bette Davis

Sun: no complains, I can walk, see, hear, smell, eat&talk alot – very thankful to SL for today’s yummy meal delivered by DinTaiFung


From Garry10Jul: Trip around the block #25 Karajini National Park. A must-visit if you are in the area. Evidence of occupation dates back 30,000 years and land management practices such as ‘fire stick farming’ have helped determine the range of vegetation and animals now found in this tropical semi-desert.

Foryescue Falls
Beautiful deep gorges cut through the arid plains and many wildflowers are still blooming. I visited the eastern part of the park on my way from Marble Bar to Newman and the western while heading from Newman to Tom Price.
I camped beside this unmarked riverbed where the surrounding rocks were covered with the Aboriginal etchings.
From Garry12Jul: Just now. ABS – another bloody sunset over Cleaverville WA! But I liked it!

What In The World

8 Jul 2021 – Heatwave, Hailstorm, Hurricane

Mon: what in the world is happening in Canada and the rest of the world?? Candles are melting for cousin Klaus in Vancouver and hailstones from cousin Yun in Toronto!! I remember seeing this kind of hailstones one time during my FL/USAdays when our RedVWbug was affected and had to undergo a whole new bodywork repairs. Appreciations for their share of these pix. Besides this havoc of the heatwave&hailstones, hurricane season has also started! Family&friends+everyone in the affected areas, plx take care.

From niece Dika/USA: the Chicago area was hit with 3 tornadoes within a week. One reached speeds of 130mph! I’m used to getting warnings on my cellphone now.

From cousin Susannah/Canada: I’m headed North to Smithers and this is the route I take – fires by Pavilion, soo many fires, so hot and dry.

There’s one issue that will define the contours of this century more dramatically than any other, and that is the urgent threat of a changing climate – Barack Obama

On top of all the natural disasters, another disaster due to probable construction+maintence affected by climate change in the ChamplainTowers Condo at Surfside (north of Miami), FL/USA where a building collapsed. So far 50+bodies have been found but more ppl unaccounted for – prayers&thoughts are with all affected.

Tue: where can I find good authentic OrhNee (芋泥) made with pork lard? Have now tried the cakes, tarts & swiss roll – but still prefer the traditional OrhNee in a bowl. Used to (ie many moons ago!) like what they served at PohKee/TiongBahru, but it does not taste the same nowadays!! For my overseas family&friends, this is a Teochew dessert of sweet taro/yam paste.

Wed: HaigRdMarket&FoodCentre, all ready for the National Day (first time here). Appreciations to Helen for today’s lunch co, this time round tasting good Cantonese food from one who was a chef in SIN-Marriot! The last time round here was SarawakLaksa+KoloMee then, tkx to cousin Karen – do recommend both these stalls and will return to this market to taste more stalls.

It was fun to walk around this market to check out what looks good. Discovered that the nursery that was once upon a time on AmberRd next to the SeaviewCondos is now located here and saw some most unusual cactus plant there.

So many interesting things to taste, do&see and so little time!

The stomach did not have any space for durians or fresh coconut juice after the yummy seafood lunch, next time round! The needed haircut appointment was calling.

Hangar66cafe WingsOverAsia, this unique and cosy cafe/lounge is located within an aircraft hangar up close with real private aircrafts with day/night views of private jet runway.

A wonderful peaceful afternoon in their upstairs membership lounge all to ourselves watching the private planes land&take off. Still stuffed from lunch but had a hot chocolate and shared a piece of their cheese cake to enjoy the lovely ambience.

The location is slightly out of any main drag, even the grab driver had problems fining the way, but definitely worth the visit, especially on a weekday if you can drive here.

Did not know how I could eat more food, but the clams ordered by CC were delicious. Tkx to Calvin&co for dinner, had to go there to check out what they are doing to the corks – it was time to adjust&resize+to count the 440corks! Also Calvin wanted to get his dates correct for when&where CC was located over the 34yrs. Grateful to all for an enjoyable&delightful afternoon&evening. Next haircut with Helen – sometime in Aug. Looking forward to another new adventure&outing.

Thu: both body&soul need to calm down today, but will need to do some grocery shopping, especially the heavier items before the weekend and probably be offline and out of action next week.

From Garry6Jul: Trip around the block #24. Since most of us have some money in a super fund, it is likely that, through the fund’s investments, we own part of the Pilbara! So it was off to have a look at what ‘our companies’ were doing(ie BHP, Rio and Fortesque. Gina’s $4 billion profit last year is from her private company). Well judging by the 24 hr cranes, loaders, ships and lights at Port Headland, the length of the ore-carrying trains [1.5kms and 200+ cars with 1 driver] criss crossing the region, the mountains removed and the depth of the holes in the ground, the size of the machinery and the number of workers, they are doing plenty! So it’s Port Headland, Marble Bar, Newman, Tom Price, Paraburdoo and back to the coastal highway at Nanutarra.

So it’s Port Headland, Marble Bar – lovely little town with nice community feel to it – unlike some of the other company made towns. This old stone building now houses the tourist centre, mining registrar, police and courthouse.
Camped a few nights at Albert Tognolini camp area between Marble Bar and Newman. Great spot. The early explorers thought the outcrops of jasper they saw were Marble, hence the name. Easy enough to confuse.
The radio tells you what’s coming. A 4.8 or a 5.2 refers to the width of the load in metres. The biggest I passed was 8.6m wide and there were three of them, trucks! Lots of very large machinery being moved about.
BHP’s Mt Whaleback mine at Newman. Camping roadside between Newman and Tom Price. Great views. Mt Nameless at Tom Price.
Must be a few hundred vehicles in Paraburdoo airport parking lot – all with red flags, and many of them Thrifty rentals! Rio own the airport. Impressive community assets thanks to the state commitment to spend percentage of mining royalties in the area from which they were generated.
Another roadside camping spot.
Karratha – impressive, modern town.

Welcome July 2021

4 Jul 2021 – From Chicken Rice To A Burger

Thu: have lived in this area for 2+decades and it is the first time tasting this famous yummy DeliciousBonelessChickenRice@KatongShoppingCentre – a perfect way to eat chicken if you do not like bones in them! I think it is good, Clement also still likes, but this is not his first time here. Katong chicken rice hawker hunk – Tiktok’s newest obsession. And no, I did not see him dancing live in front of the stall, so will have to return for another visit. Tkx for dinner at Jo’s.

Fri: TGIF – all morning for more tests etc, taking time to chill in the cool shady courtyard in-between tests @SGH.  Picked up tarts @PâtisserieCLÉ/PayerLaberRd for tonight’s steak dinner@Theresa&ChengJ. Testing out their popular OrhBlanc, a fusion of OrhNee/YamPaste&FrenchMontBlanc which is lighter than the traditional OrhNee, quite fresh and not too sweet, bro Leslie liked it and I quite liked it too!

Sat: tkx to AudreyW for lunch @OldChangKee. An afternoon @CC for Audrey&April to buy 2pairs of Chaco – made fruit-cocktail-salad to share.

Sun: Happy 4th – has it really been 16yrs ago today I was into Day66 in PA/USA hiking the AT-ThruHike in 2005? Also the day when Glenda/HiHills, JohnW/MoFo, JimH/Alleghany joined our CandyAssGroup (MissWiggy, T2, Gadget & I, TigerLil) to hike with us and up to today we have remained friends – blessed to have crossed paths with such a wonderful group of ppl I truly cherish.

Tkx to Leo for setting up a new laptop from Michael and for getting me to try out new yummy foods at a 24/7 place, TheHainanStory:ChapterOne/HotelBoss/JalanSultan.  Tasted their Laksa, Uncle Robert Pork Cutlet,    Yuan Yang Satay with Peanut + PineappleSauce, Durian, OrhNee SwissRoll for dessert. Will be back to try more dishes.

Antoinette, a patisserie by PangKokKeong, now no longer, but his swiss rolls here now are delicious. Do miss these cakes from Antoinette:  La Rose – grand cru chocolate mousse, exotic caramel, almond nougatine, cocoa sponge, grand marnier, dark chocolate Chantilly. The White Swan – chantilly cream exterior is light and fluffy cheese mousse layered with brown butter sponge. Chloe – Yuzu cremeux, white chocolate vanilla mousse, almond stable and a light sponge cake. Pix from Feb2019 when I last had these!

The mosaic wall is quite amazing and so is the idea with using newspaper to wrap the food, bring back memories of fish&chips in Dublin/Ireland student days!

Always such fun with be in Leo’s company as he, too, likes gallivanting about like I do, especially when I am not familiar here in the JalanBesar area – some interesting buildings on the way.

Met with Clement in Chinatown and he too is another one who likes to gallivant like us! To celebrate the 4th in a USA style, picked up a Carl’s Jr burger@Funan to go heading for the bus stop by Fullerton – finally a shot of Chihuly in the dark!

Paramaniac shot credits to Leo

I believe everything and I believe nothing. I suspect everyone and I suspect no one – Inspector Clouseau/A Shot In The Dark

4 Jul – Happy 4th
14 Jul – Happy Bday Keith and Happy Bastille Day/France
17 Jul – Happy Bday Nancy Bowman
19 Jul – Happy 23nd Anniversary Linn&Jeff
20 Jul – Happy Bday David Yeoh
21 Jul – Happy Bday Albert Chua
22 Jun – Happy Anniversary Dike&Mark
23 Jun – Happy Bdays Lucas&James

From Garry3Jul: Trip around the block #23. So from Broome it’s off to the north and the Dampier Peninsula via Cape Leveque Rd. Most of the road up is pretty boring but head off to the west coast (avg 30-40kms) and it is a different world! Stayed at Embalgun Smithy’s Seaside Adventure. Great spot. Basic showers n toilet but that’s it. Oh, local community members passed by a few mornings selling freshly cooked large mud crabs.
Red cliffs, white sand and turquoise sea (albeit with some salties and the odd hammerhead shark)!
Finding Smithy’s Adventure can be an adventure and turning around down sandy track can present a challenge but all’s we ends well. The sand was so fine one of the rescue boards disappeared and wS dug out about 18 in below the surface.