Summer Time 2021

27 Jul 2021 – And The Living Is Easy

Sat: made my week to talk to both L&M with #6 enjoying his 10thBday on the beach@Tides Folly Beach (1 Center St, Folly Beach, SC/USA). Pix credits to LInn.

Its summer time in OSL/Norway in a real Garden of Eden juicing her cherries – pix credits to May. Good to chat with them both for updates, etc hoping that travel will be more opened again for their future trips to visit SIN in 2022! When I lived in Norway, we used to make our own CherryLiqueur, ( cherries soaked in DrSpirit for months!) best liqueur ever I have tasted and then the cherries were used in the ChristmasFruitCakes – both very good&popular. Seems like a decent harvest from their garden this year. Miss not able to taste all these fresh organic produce – she makes the best bruschette with their home-grown tomatoes.

Sun: tkx for Indonesian home-made GardoGardo+SotoAyam lunch from KK, his helper instructed by him makes tasty healthy foods – the best SotoAyam tasted.

Walked to take out dinner+durian from MingKitchen@59MarineTerrace (rice, soup veggie&chicken for 2ppl S$30) – no worries, Clement carried all the foods. On the right track to recovery when durian/S$18 is on the menu, hahaha.

This is definitely worth to share, ie ALL parents should take a few mins to listen to this young person who I so totally agree with. From a mother of 2 and a grandmother of 6!

Mon: Good Monday morning! How wonderful to start this week with Olympics-Triathlon-Brave Blummenfelt winning gold for Norway with Meteor wows Norway after blazing through last night sky night.…/world/norway-meteor/index.html

Appreciations to Ivy for lunch – satay+seafoodBeeHoon from TanglinClub.

And thank you to Carmel whose kindness&thoughtfulness are always at the right time&place. Am sooo totally blessed&spoilt with all the caring&concerns from family&friends, feeling absolutely appreciative&grateful for their attention to help with the healing&recovery process.

Tue: a needed quiet day to finish left-overs with snooze&screen-time and glad to be completely done with AntiB. A call from the surgeon this morning – Cancer/Stage1, but the good news is that it has now been completely removed. No other treatments needed now except for follow-up appointments+scans to check that it does not return. With the family history of lung-cancer (mother 2ndbro&uncle died of lung-cancer), the sitting-duck was me! as I do not smoke and generally lead a healthy life.

I like food and sleep. So if I give you my food, or text you late at night, you are special to me –

To&from Garry – Me: Did I miss Trip around the block #26????

Garry Rogers: just testing to see who is paying attention! You win the bottle of Moet Amy!
26Jul: Trip around the block # 27 Spent almost 3 weeks camped on a sand dune at Cleaverville, near Karratha. With temps around 30° and crappy cold wet weather down south, there was no reason to move on.
The former shallow port of Cossack. Now deserted in that no one lives there but preserved as an historical precinct and big Cossack Art festival. Cossack Court House.
Ok you win!
Exmouth = whale sharks, turtles and coral. Surrounded by these giant communication towers courtesy USA originally and now Harold Holt Naval Base.
This is serious trailer fishing boat country. Guess they left the pipe for a good reason.
Mandurah Mandurah gorge walk. Turquoise Bay.

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