Bombs & Shootings

23 Jul 2011 – A Sad Time for Norway

To all my family & friends. Thank you for all their kind concerns. This is indeed very sad for Norway. We are all safe but in shock.

The bomb went off yesterday afternoon 15.34hrs in the building where Bjørn works. It is the summer holidays and people finish work early. Thank goodness he left the building just before the bomb went off. Both May & Bjørn live and work in the central of Oslo. It was a wet and rainy day, stayed home to finish painting the baby’s room. I live out in the suburb, Kolsås app 30 mins drive from Oslo. M&B will be moving to Kolsås soon.

The shootings were not too far from Kolsås, on an island name Utøya (~25k/30mins by car from Kolsås). Was at the neighbour’s watching the news. Heard and saw many helicopters and the guy was caught. Dressed as a policeman, he somehow got to this island (accessible only by boat) after he set off the bombs in Oslo.

The bomb has killed at least 7 people and injured many but the shooting incident has killed many more.

At present, it might seems like one single really MAD & SICK Norwegian man is behind the bombing and the shooting on an island where at least 80 youths were killed at a political summer camp. Too soon for more info. Will have to read more over the next few days to find out. All the figures are for today and sadly they will probably go up 🙁

Norway, The most beautiful country, the land of Nobel Peace Prize, Midnight Sun, Vikings! Who could have thought such evil & madness have also hit this peaceful spot. All thoughts and prayers are out to the victims, families, loved ones and friends.

Edited – 22Jul2022: If interested what happened then, watch Netflix 22July movie where it is roughly based on what happened on 22Jul2011. In memory of all who lost their life.

5 thoughts on “Bombs & Shootings

  1. Hi Amy,
    Glad to hear that all of you are safe! Really sad that so many lives had to be lost due to a crazy soul. Take care!

  2. Hi Sharon, tkx for your concern. Yes it is indeed very sad for Norway. So difficult to believe that something as horrendous as this could have happened here!

  3. Amy (TigerLil),

    So glad to hear all is well with your family – indeed a tragedy affecting so many young lives & their families.

    We have had a decade worldwide where these tragedies are affecting us more intimately all the time.

    Karen (Miss Wiggy)

  4. Hi Karen, tkx for commrnt. What just happened will also trigger memories from the shootings that happened in VI. Your concern is appreciated. Hugs from the tiger!

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