Not the Norway…

25 Jul 2011 – … I used to know

A ray of sunshine peeped thru’ with the birth of #5 grandchild. After what just happened, so lost for words in such horrendous crime and a wave of sadness lingers on. This feeling of speechlessness and so out of control makes one shudder to think what kind of world we, our children, grandchildren are living in!

Today was at the University in town when all the Nordic countries held a minute of silence in respect to the victims. Pix to be uploaded when there is online access. At present no internet access at the house, just posting this from friends.

Went for a walk in the woods to pick wild blueberries the day before the bombings & shooting.  It was a beautiful day and the feeling of clean fresh air was good for the body. Having the woods to myself was good for the soul. Viewing these pix of wild mushrooms, berries, heather flowers in nature is the Norway I know and can relate to. Who would thought that such a beautiful and peaceful country would be the target of such hideous actions,  far from the Norway that I used to know. Baked this blueberry pie in memory of all the victims.