Imagine Being Here Now!

10 Jul 2011 – Fantasy Island

Bærums Værthuset***** is the oldest and finest restaurant in Norway. Værthuset=guesthouse has a wonderful ambiance to have a meal or a cup of coffee. Besides history, this place also has a soul! Sitting in the courtyard or in the restaurant there can give you timeless feeling and allowing the imagination to run wild back to the 1600s 🙂ærums-verk/

Bærum Verks: ironworks and workers’ lodgings from the 1600s now converted into the most charming area with art & crafts, cafe, shops, museum, sculptures, etc. There is a walking path in the woods near the house and it is a pleasant walk/app 30mins to get here.
Henie Onstad Kunstsenter=Henie Onstad Art Centre: officially opened in 1968 with 100s of contributions from Sonja Henie (Norwegian figure skater who won more Olympic and World titles than any other ladies figures) and husband Niels Onstad (shipping magnate and art patron). The museum has stunning exhibits spanning the 20th century.

In 1940, when the Nazis invaded Norway, she was out of the country. She telegraphed her maid and told her to place a picture of her with Hitler, which he had autographed, in a prominent place in her house. When the Nazis arrived to take over the house, they saw the picture and left quickly. For the rest of the war, all of her possessions were left untouched by the Nazis…

App 1hr by bus south of Oslo is Moss, (pop app 23,000, area: 24.3 sq mi), return tickets NOK200/S$45. A pleasant ride on E6, by passing Tusenfryd/Norway’s largest amusement park and Korsegården/the only stop between Oslo-Moss.

John was at the lakeside with his boat to meet me at Nesparken where the bus stopped. ~1hr by boat on the lower Vansjø (parts of Mosseelva/Moss River) there it is, an idyllic little cabin on its own tiny island, across from Dillingøya somewhere around Ospeholmen&Vierholmen on Vansjø.

Relaxing with fishing and bird-watching. 3 species of fish which were caught in nets- Abbor/Perch, Brasme/Bream (the smaller ones, taste good except for the tiny Y-shaped bones, got choked a few times. Had to throw them away or risk choking. John was right!) and Gjedde/Pike (the largest one).
Was given a tour of the area where paper mill was once the major industry and livelihood in this area. John being from this area told interesting stories of his ancestors. Another historic fact which some might not know is that the Convention of Moss signed here in 1814, which effectively put an end to the Dano-Norwegian kingdom and solidified the union with Sweden.

Jeløy Naturhus and Galleri F15 in Alby Estate where the stately house and farm with the grounds were donated to the community by the owner. The beautiful alley of trees lead to the buildings and the location commands an unobstructed view to the sea. The 6th Momentum Biennial Imagine Being Here Now is ongoing at present. Thanks to Berit & John for their hospitality at their hytta and for the tour in Moss.

This moment deserves your full attention, for it will not pass your way again –
Dan Millman