Computer Activities Addiction

31 Jul 2011 – Till Death Do Us Part!

To a certain extent, we are all rather dependent or addicted to the activities on computers, PCs , iPads, etc. But where does one draw the line to be considered as an addiction? Like any addictions and like any realistic human, one will deny the addiction. Reading about users who do not eat or sleep or spending 12hrs without taking a break, the word addiction is certainly appropriate for the scenario! That is an extreme case. Does moderation exist for this subject?? Everyone has their own moderation ie can only be measured subjectively!

A man whose son died after playing video games for long periods is campaigning for greater awareness of the risk posed by their excessive use.

The conclusion – each to their own as long as one is not harming oneself and their loved ones, again very subjective!!!

In this interesting but long and drawn-out article, one can read and might learn something about computer addiction –

… Even if someone uses a computer extensively for purely recreational purposes, that doesn’t necessarily represent a real addiction any more than someone who spends hours working on a model train set, making quilts or gardening is “addicted” to those activities. Even the agreed-upon definition of addiction itself has evolved over the decades and remains a matter of debate in the medical community. In fact, the American Medical Association and the American Psychiatric Association do not currently consider computer addiction a valid diagnosis, a controversy we’ll discuss later.

As a result of all these complications, any single definition of computer addiction is necessarily broad and a little vague. If the computer use is so pervasive that it interferes with other life activities, and if the user seems unable to stop using the computer to excess despite negative consequences, the problem might be a computer addiction…

Good-bye to Jul 2011, Norway will never forget such sadness & pain. Welcome Aug 2011 with hopes for Harmony & Peace!