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22 Jul 2011 – To Those Reading This Blog

Appreciations to Akismet in WordPress who has protected from 17,196 spam comments since this blog was started over three years ago. Apologies but unable to reply to many of them. WordPress will BLOCK the blog if I reply to what they considered and flagged aside as spam. Do read each and every one of comments.

A big thank you to all my readers for visiting and to acknowledge all my readers with all the kind comments, suggestions, advises; and from those who have been interested for me to write for them and to buy space in my blog. For those with motives for your personal promotions, gratitude to all the complimentary comments too.

Those who are commenting on behalf of a business address/blog  or website, if you want a reply do provide a  personal contact. This is a public blog thus open for everyone. Whether or not I reply to the comments or include them in my posting is my prerogative and it is NOT done so for monetary profits or motives to promote or advertise for any products. Comments made by me about any companies, business, products, websites etc are solely from a PERSONAL point of view.

To the many who have voiced their interest to use contents of this blog, you are welcome to do so but please give credits to the rightful owners and sites or provide a link back to this blog. Thank you for your interest and considerations. A wonderful weekend to each and everyone!

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