Restless And Goofy

20 June 2021 – Happy Father’s Day 

Fri: 56cases of infections in the BukitMerahView cluster. This is the venue with good food where I would go when visiting Clement as he lives across the street from it – of course now closed for deep-cleaning. 

TGIF and a good weekend to all. Getting too restless to focus, especially when unable to travel to see family&friends. Guys in uniform from exactly a decade ago today/2011 in OSL/Norway changing of guards is quite an eye-candy for this lovely wet Friday, tkx to FB for cheerful memories.

Going back 2decades/2001 once upon a time ago when the hair was still black!! – found these with L&M+Paul visiting SIN. Have then been back in SIN since 1999 and was working@H&H.

Downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee 😮😮 It’s Beautiful 🤯AyeShuan

And he thought with the above caption that ppl in SIN 16,000k/9,941m away will not notice? If attention is what he wants, he has got it. IngaBaekkelund can now get some PR for her hotel in PleasantView considering that she is less than 1,000k/600m away from Chattanooga, but still in the same state! Have not been back to TN since the AT-Thru’Hike/2005

Digitizing 1980s pix to share with family&friends and will do a special posting just on them when I get my act together.

Change is the voyage which needs to continually discover its own landscape, avoid potential pitfalls and enjoy unique scenes of digitalization ― Pearl Zhu

Sat: tkx to dear KCHcousin Karen for supporting the hawkers from Haig Road Market Food Centre (looked like quite a line) for their SarawakLaksa&Kolo Mee, both yummy but of course not as yummy as her home-made.

Sun: Happy Father’s Day to all fathers. BG1LAM TinYue(1911-1996), father’s 71st Bday in 1982 with all my siblings+their spouses(GG) and nearly all my nieces&nephews. (OG1LAM John,18HALL Linn & 19HALD May are missing here). Father was then the same age as I am now!! Those were the days when I could only afford 1round-trip air-fare ticket from&back to Norway.

From Garry19Jun: Trip around the block #20. Tunnel Creek and Windjana Gorge National Park – between Fitzroy Crossing and the Gibb River Road WA. A pretty ordinary corrugated road that will loosen the fillings in your back teeth but the caves and the park are worth it! 500m of dark, water-filled tunnel beneath the limestone ridge, magnificent gorge landforms and changing colours, hundreds of saltwater crocs, and some amazing history about Jandamara – a snake-hipped Aboriginal lothario who led a guerilla war against pastoralist taking hunting grounds, and the police.
Windjana nearing sunset, Morning sunbake
Had to wade through much of Tunnel Creek. I had water up to my chin in some places while other less height-enhanced mortals had to swim while holding their torch, and often their camera, above the water.
Some shafts of light but much of it pitch black