June Birthdays

25 Jun 2021 – Pies & Tarts

Mon: tkx to cousin Karen, this is as clear as it can get regarding the latest restrictions & regulations starting today – worn out with all these changes, better stay within my 4walls as I know that I will not need to have on a mask for sure, even if & when there are 5 others (max I can have) with me.

4.1. F&B establishments are only permitted to seat dining groups of up to 2 persons.

4.2. F&B establishments must ensure that a safe distance of at least one metre…. 


Another seasonal tropical fruit: Ciku/ManilkaraZapota/SapodillaSapota 人心果(literally translated from Chinese=human heart fruit!) tasting sweet with a nutty texture seasonal tropical. We had a couple of these trees@5TemenggongRd/1950s and the bats/flying foxes going for the fruits. The guys would shoot them those bats with catapults or BB-guns! Used to keep it in the rice bin to wait for it to ripen

Tue: Happy Bdays Josh(grandnephew/SIN)&Devon(grandniece/USA). With 2ppl dining-in restrictions, Daisy&I celebrated with a late bkfast@132Traditional Teochew Noodle/MarineT, has been a while ago since I ate here and nice to know that I still like it.

Continuing with desserts@DonaManis/KatongShoppingCentre, not a banana fan, but this old school banana pie must be one of the best I have tasted here in SIN. The bakery has been around for 30yrs, and if you’re having difficulties finding the shop just walk around till you smell the sweet aroma and follow it. Everything they have is handmade from scratch by this elderly couple with their daughter helping them the recent past 6yrs.


We must have a pie. Stress cannot exist in the presence of a pie ― David Mamet

Have been wanting to taste this ice-cream, but somehow HumbleScoop has been closed the few times I was here. Finally today, managed to taste their 2most popular&signature flavours – Orh-Bee-Good (PulutHitam), In-Kueh-Dible (SaltedCoconut&GulaMelaka), both yummy, creamy&rich. GamXia金秸(Mandarin Orange), refreshing tasty sorbet – I will return. Josh had the Cookies&Creme cone as we walked to carpark after his famous DeliciousBonelessChickenRice lunch. https://www.thehumblescoop.com/

Wed: early to line up@JuneBakery/The Plaza to try these tarts I having read about. Got the Cheese, Orh Nee Portuguese Egg Tarts+Peanut Mochi.


Early Bday dinner for Clementperanakan food by Lionel was good, tarts were too sweet for us (SL, Leonard&Audrey), but it was nice to hold a Bday party and a good time was had by all.

Be it tart or sweet, always savor the moment. You’ll not taste one just like it again – Erica Alex

Thu: fresh catch of the day,  yummy steamed-fish by Calvin@Campers’

Tkx to Helen for delicious starters+dessert – 4above pix credits to her.

Could not resist this little round-side-table to add to my Helinox-family, perfect size (3kg/6lb10ozs is the max weight it can take) for my use. 2more chairs in their bags in store-room to be taken out when needed.

Fri: TGIF and a good weekend to all. Happy Bdays dear nephews John(KL/Malaysia)&Clement(SIN) and a dear friend Huang(HI/USA). Changing bus for SGH apps this early morning with the sunrise.

Sunrise Sunset is about trying to get to a place where life is simple and not letting the stress and happenings in the world get in the way of your happiness – Benny Cassette

Pulmonary function (PFTs) noninvasive tests show how well my lungs are working – measuring lung volume, capacity, rates of flow&gas exchange. This information can help the healthcare provider diagnose and decide the treatment of certain lung disorders. Looks like my lungs are good&strong to do another long-distance hike after taking care of them and when things get better!

What oxygen is to the lungs, such is hope to the meaning of life – Emil Brunner

Bday lunch&dessert with Clement@Tamago-EN/ChinatownPoint – lots of eggs on their menu, 1st time here.