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13 Jun 2021 – Kind & Thoughtful Gestures

Wed9Jun2021: Happy 12Bday to #4 – where did the 12yrs go? Feels like yesterday when I was up for her 2am feeds!

Now enjoying her last pre-teen Bday, rain or shine. Does not get easier to not see some of my flock since 2019. Hope to be able to be there when she turns to be a teenager! Pix credits to Linn.

Tkx to May for this Рarr today, mailed 28May2021 from OSL/Norway, 10days for snailmail is quite fast! Looking forward to setting this Apple iPhone7 (2016) BCG-E3091A up for use. The old one, iPhone4 (2010) BCG-E2643A was not so reliable and often got cut-off in video&voice calls, but  considering I have had it since I do not even even when? from Clement. The younger generation like their latest high-tech while I am grateful with inheriting their old ones.

Thu: appreciations to CathChua for her share  of this video on FB/APOP on Bella loves sushi more than you (@heybellafoodie on Insta | @bellafoodie on TikTok). Not sure how to reload it here but a reminder for myself what an adorable&lovable toddler, well brought up by good-role model parents with thank yous&please. If only there are more parents like these Рmade my day, especially being rather bumped-out lately.
Thank you to dear niece Pat-Lynne&grandniece Beth for visit+yummy home-made food with an apple to keep the Drs away!
Fri: app@SGH for PET-Scan – steroids intravenously followed by tracer, taking 3hrs for the effect before scanning the upper body. After 4+hrs, S$400+poorer, could eat again – had to fast before the scan! Considering my luck with the family-history of both cancer&heart issues, better check out now what more needs to be done since unable to travel. Hopefully can do more in the bucket-list before hitting the bucket – still 2more scans for this month!
Sat: yummy DryMeeSiam (2boxes for my order, 1 for AudreyW and 1 for me, pix credit to Lionel for his massive delivery order for today), AyamBuahKeluak & AssamStingRay delivered by Lionel. Tkx to Leonard to setting up iPhone, now ready for action and appreciations to niece for dinner company. Thoughtful gestures&good company from family&friends make these days easier to get thru’.
Kindness is more important than wisdom, and the recognition of this is the beginning of wisdom -Theodore Isaac Rubin
Sun: tkx to AudreyM for this share – hope that she will have time to get on some of these routes before she takes off. For less than S$1 (Seniors), these routes are well-worth to get on – highly recommended and for those who have not been on a bus in SIN, they are safe, clean&comfortable with AC. Have been enjoying their services for over 2decades with no complains!
Finding a family member in SIN who will appreciate these Scandinavian wooden hand-made&painted dolls and I think cousin Karen might like them, also got her a package of Kedondong.
One more day of max group size up to 2ppl household visitors a day, tomorrow, up to 5ppl.