Asthma Attack

4 Apr 2022 – In The Family

Fri: TGIF and a good weekend to all on this April Fool’s Day. Pix from Apr2011 in HKG PatSinLeng CountryPark八仙嶺郊野公園 towards Bride’sPoolNatureTrail 新娘潭自然教育徑 located on the NWside of PloverCoverReservoir. Tkx to Jack for taking the time to hike with me then – today he is a proud father of BabyArthur.

No April’sFool joke but a morning@FarrerParkMedicalCentre after intrerrupted sleep nights due to difficuilties in breathing, but last night as I was grasping for air, these 3words from GeorgeFloyd came to mind I can’t breath! Blessed to have caring family&friends making sure that I got safely to&fro the hospital to confirm that it was asthma attach acting up again and not other underlying issues – echocardiogram&chest X-ray were done, so far so good. Hopefully new inhalers+meds can help to some decent sleep so as build a stronger immune system. MRT-constructions+burnings for QingMing are not much of a help where air quality is concerned!

Informative info from today’s ST – even #6 in Norway has been collecting recyclable bottles&cans to trade in for his Sat-goodies since he could count! Good to know how to save with all these prices going up. And 1recycled beer can save enough electricity to run a television for 3hours according to DenisHayes. Remember being able to choose if I want to keep, donate or put in the value for some draw. Not sure how those new machines work nowdays?? Have not been back to Norway for 3yrs and alot of things can change!!

Sat2Apr-Mon2May2022: will probably not be checking out the lights this year, but those who are celebrating&marking this event, and those fasting tomorrow, take care and enjoy your moments – pix downloaded.

Thank you to Karen, AT-hiking-buddy-Wiggs for belated Bday-gift, can’t wait to catch up again – Tiger hugs from AT-2005Thru’Hiker; still hoping&praying that PEI-700km-Thru’Hike/Canada will be possible from either Sep2023or24or25! Appreciations to niece for these interesting patches to try out and to Gel for her recommendations for capsules. Not sure what I think or feel about TCM which are mainly natural products, seem like there is no harm – but not right now yet, not good to combine with the newly prescribed meds.

Appreciations to niece&nephew for bringing yummy dinner&dessert and for good company – family or friends like them are precious.

Sun: the bad news is that asthma cannot be cured but the good news is that it can be controlled to the point that the symptoms become negligible. As a chronic&lasting condition, asthma is not curable, but highly treatable with professional support. Breathlessness, wheezing&coughing can be really exhausting, but this too shall pass and there are many other worse ailments&symptoms!

Also runs in the family (father, aunt, bro&sis, cousins), seems like I am inheriting these genes to add to cancer(mother, maternal-uncle, bros) &heart(grandfather, father)+this enviroment is like playing RussianRoulette. Not a good time to even talk about Russia despite it being in my bucket-list; time to think about Norway(neighbouring country to Russia) when underlying health issues are resolved.

Tkx to niece for redmart delivery of laundry detergents, etc heavy stuff not too easy for me to carry in present circumstances – just walking across the road gets me to be short of breath! She asked if I needed any toilet paper and I told her that unless #6 wanted to TP the roads when he visits, I should have enough to last us during their stay here – hahaha. Do feel much better today after 7hrs of sleep lying flat last night – have been sitting up to be able to breath&catch whatever zzz possible the past week.

Mon: with a constructive&positive atitude+a full adventurous life-journey of 7+decades there are no complains – whatever will be will be, but will do my upmost best to take care of myself to whatever realistic capacity&possibility I am able to do to continue this amazing life journey ahead. All’s as well as it can be now with everything to look forward to the arrival from Norway – a good week ahead to all.

Apr family&friends Bdays:

2  Apr –  NEO EngHuat80
4  Apr –  KHOO Amy40, MayaH, RichardY
8  Apr – TorillW
10Apr – LAM Danielle
12Apr – PeggyT
13Apr – LAU Yvette
15Apr – LynneO, AileenK
17Apr – LAM Sara, AnneS, SharonK, EasterSunday
19Apr – KLUSMAN Claire
22Apr – BOROWSKI Ike
29Apr – LAM Stanley

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