A Little Piece Of Paradise

12 Apr 2022: Welcoming Family From Norway

Fri: a fantastic weekend to all, I know it will be for me! My own AC maintence&care was done last month; watching the neighbour’s (also on the 7th-floor) can be nerve-wrecking, but looks like he knows what he is doing. Pix (zoom) taken from the kitchen window, the nearest visible neighbour from the kitchen. Quite a restless night with news of flight delays&changes, but better safe than sorry. KLM-flight cancelled from OSL-AMS, so now changed to SIA-flight from OSL-CPH transitting in CPH instead of AMS.

Sat:  its been over 2yrs ago since I step into the airport here, no not going anywhere but very excitied to meet with 2nd-born&#6 after a delay of 12+hrs due to unsafe flying conditions&weathers in Norway. First by out in the early dark morning rains, strange to be here at one of the world’s best airports where I used to frequent before Covid-days – things are sooo quiet, not the usual busy buzz from what I can remember!

But then nothing matters when you catch a glimpse of your loved ones thru’ the glass doors, reunions are such joy. Appreciations for thoughtful gifts, especailly my special request for the warm-smoked mackarel. Unable to get in the Norwegian butter, remulada & gin (all considered liquid), but again no worries as long as they are here safely. After a few hours of nap, all ready to go again.

Tkx to Clement for DimSum lunch@ImperialTreasureFineChineseCuisine (MarinaBaySands). Good to catch up with Ann&Andrew who are also in from Perth. Andrew who is now 15 will probably be the tallest in our LAM-family. More naps needed before dinner!

Appreciations to Pat&David for having us for dinner in their lovely home – salad&fruit platter were my contributions. #6, Lucas, Beth&Isebelle had fun getting to know each other.

Sun: after a good night rest, tkx to Leonard for helping us to check into ShangriLaRasaSentosa. Nice to meet with Seok&family. #6 had fun with his auntie Sue, uncles Clement&Leonard+friends

dining on pizzas and playing on the climbing nets&slides by this man-made-beach.

Mon: greetings from a little piece of paradise where even the wild

and the young ones know what life is about – beach, sand&water are all they need!

I do not believe that any peacock envies another peacock his tail because every peacock is persuaded that his own tail is the finest in the world – John Ruskin

The joy to discover a corner all to myself in the midst of all these man-made luxury, but at this stage in life, best to avoid too much sun and be content with pleasan views! Do wonder what is going on with what seems to be more than usual military planes flying above??

Shuttle bus to VivoCity for dinner@SoupRestaurant 三盅两件 and to do some shopping with Clement. Somehow this area always bring back childhood memories. Downloaded some amazing ariel pix where I can so clearly see where I was born, but  now a piece of green jungle.

Tue: another full-fun activites day for #6 and dinner@Sushi-Tei/VivoCity with Patricia&Clement.

#6 with his Easter drink, a drink as sweet as he! for the last night of our staycation