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17 Apr 2022 – From Sentose To SuperPark & SBG

Wed: a beautiful early morning (starting before sunrise), solo walk on the beach towards the MonoRailBeachStation before the family gets up – wonderfully serene for someone like me who hates crowds, totally Demophobia not that I fear crowd, thus not Anthropophobia.

Heading back by the road, managed to capture this beautiful rainbow when I got back to the hotel after ~2hrs walk.

Another morning of water activities for #6 before checking out –  breakfast for the past 2days!

Speechless with our Grab driver’s dashboard! Goodbye and thanks for this Sentose staycation.

A fast cleaned up and short rest before heading to SuntecCity. 2nd born took bus196 to work while Pat&Beth picked us up for a playdate with Isebelle and I had another good 2hrs walk leaning the new layout of this mall while the kids were bouncing&jumping about!

Tkx to Lee&Adeline for dinner@鼎泰豐 DinTaiFung where #6 discovered that he really likes their小笼包 XiaoLongBao.

1st time tasting these fancy pancakes@FluffStack – fluffy soufflé pancakes.

Not only did these pancakes fascinated me, so did this tattoo and did get permission to take his pix!

Thu: tkx to niece for yummy Indonesia lunch@CumiBali, shopping the afternoon in Chinatown and it was fun times for them Easter egg hunting with Seok&family where they spotted a hornbill.

And I had dinner with Clement&Leonard – 1st time tasting this CurryNoodles@HongLimHawkers. Here we were enjoying the noodles when we got news of the BeachRdSlasher!

Fri: do not even remember when I was in SBG last, a location I frequented&worked in many moons ago! #6 enjoyed seeing the wild life despite the heat&humidity, especially after the morning rains.

Do not remember Prisoner of War Brick Step; sculpture ChangKuda by ChongFahChrong – a reference to a popular children’s game from the 1950s where they would piggy-back one another for a race. Appreciations to the Chuas for an enjoyable afternoon.

Tkx to Les&Ivy for KoreanCharcoalBBQdinner@Chang with Jo, Sue, Daisy, Clement and MeiPin.

Night-cap@Les&Ivy, tkx to Jo&Sue for ride back to the EastSide. Appreciate to all for their company&time+gifts.

Sat: tkx to KK for yummy home-made lunch and an afternoon at the NationalGallery, 1st visit for 2nd born&#6 – grandmother having been here countless of times ran out of steam had to sit&rest!

While mom has a night out, it is bonding time for grandma&grandson on this full-moon night.

The moon does not fight. It attacks no one. It does not worry. It does not try to crush others. It keeps to its course, but by its very nature, it gently influences. What other body could pull an entire ocean from shore to shore? The moon is faithful to its nature and its power is never diminished — Deng Ming-Dao

Sun: Happy Easter God Påske to those celebrating&marking today. In 7thHeaven feeling totally blessed after last night and now surprised with basket&bunny hand-made by #6+egg home-made&carefully carried with TLC by air from Norway. Just goes to show the energy level when unable to accompany them to WildWildWet! and also never have been to this location – as long as they had a good time is all that matters.

Satay dinner@LauPaSat on this lovely wet Easter Sunday night, but then why let the weather dampen good company with yummy foods when you can dance in the warm tropical rains before flying back to colder weathers.

Tkx to Sue&Clement+KK&Leonard for dinner&dessert+this wonderful experience.

Appreciations to Sue for joy-ride for them to see how comfortable our HDB dwellings can be.

Edited: they forgot to tell me that this baby yellow bird was on the ground@ECPk and how they called to ask what to do – the ppl@CoffeeBean&TeaLeaf loan them a pair of gloves and they placed the chick on a tree. Hopefully the motherbird will find her chick, so typical of #6 to get into this kind of situation! Pix&video credits to 2nd-born.

Edited: EasterDayLunch in SC/USA with cake baked by #2 – pix credits to 1st born&Cindy.

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