14 Jun 2019 – A Cure For Diabetes?

Wed: posted in FB and got my answer as to what we called these SIN-cherries. Used to eat these in my childhood, they were growing wild quite abundantly around. Wish I could still find some. Anyone knows where they can be found now?? If my memory serves me correctly, we used to call them Bocelli and tried to get to them before the birds, but the birds are usually faster!!

Tkx to Zai who has these in her garden, but she lives in Brunei and to Chuan where these grow wildly on the road where he lives in KCH.

Shirley Tong: I believe it’s buah cherry! There was a buah cherry tree opposite our house at Tiverton Lane and as children we used to pick them when they fall or when we can reach them. Super sweet! We didn’t even think of washing them; just popped them into our mouths haha. No one ever complained of diarrhoea! Those were our happy childhood days.

Thanks Shirley for her share, that is BuahCherry. Was probably having the singer Bocelli in mind, whose voice is as sweet as those cherries. Shirley Tong:  Haha…quite an apt association with Andrea Bocelli!

All this got stirred up because a student discovered this as a cure for diabetes! Pix downloaded.

I thought I saw a familiar face in the news – way to go SengGee who is still sweet&charming as ever, but not so little! Have been told that he is the best liver person here in SIN, glad to have caught up with him recently.

Saw Lawrence off to T2, tkx to Lee for driving – ongoing long&complicated family issues! Excise by exploring&gallivanting around are my usual ways to de-stress, but with age catching up and low energy level, reading,walking&watching movies are good alternatives; NetFlix is a good place to be at present!! Just a few, and these too will probably be forgotten soon –  Leap Year/2010, Always Be My Maybe/2016, From Japan To Egypt/2017, Wine Country/2019. Dinner@DIn Tai Fung/Parkway.

As my observant children so appropriately&eloquently said many moons ago – my mom will never have to watch a soap opera as her whole life is one!

Thu: looking forward to receiving my MG/MerdekaGeneration package. Even the envelope&stamp with this note has a nice design and I do like the word Merdeka – wonder how many of us are in this generation? In the LAM family tree, I am 1 out of 34 in the GreenGeneration from LAM SongKee’s branch.

Fri: TGIF- a beautiful&harmonious weekend to all. Re-reading JamesJoyce and what a difference 50yrs make – read some of his works during teenage days but have forgotten most. Also those were the days when I was more impressed with Ibsen’s works, thus read all his plays in English then, and later in Norwegian during my years in Norway.

When you’ve sold yourself once for the sake of others, you don’t do it a second time – Ibsen’s A Doll’s House Act 3

Could not find the Dubliners HC in the library, so borrowed the audio and was surprised to how I enjoyed these 6CDs, yes I still have a CDplayer and it still works!! Appreciation to the Irish Embassy for hosting Bloomsday Book Club with Richard Barlow’s/NTU introduction to James Joyce’s Dubliners@the Irish Residence.

Someone asked me if the Irish are really so helpful – from one of the stories, Grace, where everyone were so helpful after Mr.Kernan injured himself falling down? As far as the memory goes, yes is the answer for when I was there in the 1960s-70s, but cannot answer for now?

The new SIN Irish Ambassador (#6) is out of town, so did not get to meet him this time round@the new Irish Residence (3rd since 2000), and my first visit here. Appreciations to him for opening his home with drinks&snacks for this book club.

Irish Ambassadors to SIN from 2000-present
1. Brendan Lyons
2. Huge Swift
3. Richard O’Brien
4. Joe Hayes
5. Geoffrey Keating
6. Pat Bourne


Ladies group pix credits to Carmel and tkx to Carmel&Noreen for sharing the cab to&fro.


2above pix credits to the Irish Embassy

One by one they were all becoming shades. Better pass boldly into that other world, in the full glory of some passion, than fade and wither dismally with age ― James Joyce, The Dead/Dubliners

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