National University Hospital NUH

7 Jun 2019 –  Dumpling Festival

Thu: today 6Jun 2019 marks the 75th anniversary of D-Day when more than 160,000 Allied troops landed on the beaches of Normandy, France, to begin the operation that would liberate Western Europe from Nazi Germany’s control. D-Day would forever be associated with the invasion of Normandy. Many have come up with meanings for that D including Day of Days or Doomsday. Does it really matter what D meant considering all those life lost?

Happy Bday Dika Lam. 

Another morning@NUH, just too tired to do anything after that. The journey there from the East to the West by bus&MRT takes about an hour. Commuting for 2hrs is OK when you can do so at non rush-hour and can read, but still take abit out of me! After getting off the MRT, need to walk thru’ the Heart Centre with interesting sculpture&art.

Lawrence’s blood tests are still not to the level that the hospital feels comfortable to release him today, that must be a downer but he is dealing with it in such good spirits. Pray&hope that tomorrow he can be discharged. No matter how beautiful&fantastic a hospital is, very few choose to be there!

Fri: TGIF and Happy Dumpling Festival 端午節 Duan Wu Jie  or Dragon Boat Festival. This year’s pix are downloaded, no time to gallivant about to shoot any due to family situation. But the good memories with paternal grandmother making these yummy dumplings from scratch will always be with me. Used to do my own fillings and marked it so that it will not get lost with the rest.

For Jan&other overseas friends, this is what the festival is about

Tkx to Sue for the ride this morning, took 30mins instead of an hour by public transport. A long morning waiting@NUH for Lawrence’s paper-works, etc so that he can be discharged. Sent him back to Les&Ivy to recover for a few days before he can head back to Malaysia. Am sooo hospitalized out after 5days there!

Getting out of the hospital is a lot like resigning from a book club. You’re not out of it until the computer says you’re out of it – Erma Bombeck

But discovered these yummy Chews (favourite is the Mint flavour)@NUH pharmacy over the week, rather costly for nearly S$5pp and being me had a whole packet (12) to realize that excessive consumption may have a laxative effect – boy and it sure did!! Now I know to only have just 1, not 12. Tkx to Ivy for the dumpling.

Excessive sorrow laughs. Excessive joy weeps ― William Blake