St Theresa Convent

19 Jun 2019 – 1957 To 1961

Wed: going thru’ some old pix trying to recall the primary school days with a 1957pix form St TheresaConvent with Pr1 teacher, Ms Soo&classmates. Me with my forehead&eyes peeping in the background already liking books then and still do! Next to me, Yolanda and in front of me, Kwong YokeHeng. Another 2names I can remember from that class are Elizabeth Chee&Ow, but do not seemed to located them in the pix.

Pr3or4?? Sleeping Beauty play, me being SleepingB (now SleepingGrandmom!), Yolando (prince), YokeHeng(page), Valerie(witch) with Sr Marie, the few nuns who made an impression on me and thought her to be the most beautiful nun I met then, in my mind she still is. Glad that these 2pix are in such good condition considering when they were taken.

Posted these in FB to try and find if ppl can recognized anyone of have info about anybody from that time-frame in my life’s journey. Also did an on-line search and was really excited when I found this site and below pix downloaded from there.

Only today Wed 19Jun 2019 did I discover that – A Nun of Royal Descent and a Principal. The history of St. Theresa’s is never complete till the story of the nun of royal descent who later became principal is told. Adopted by a Thai prince, Sr Marie Jombunad left the comforts of her palace for an IJ Convent. Thought she was the most beautiful&elegant nun I can remember. In 1970 Sr Marie was recalled to her native Bangkok to head RuamRudee International School.

Access was via a dirt path and 58 back breaking steps carved out of the hill slope. But education was in demand and all made the sacrifice of a difficult journey. We had to walk thru’ the kampong and crossing some plank-bridges, seeing kids catching fish and hanging around those drains. These downloaded pix brought back memories from those daily walks to&from the school to the car for the 5yrs. At the end of the path by the road was the shaved ice Indian man where I would sometimes buy from.

Sister Maria Lau was appointed principal on 26 February 1990 and coincidentally enough, Maria here was my classmate in VictoriaSt/CHIJ from 1962-1965. Do not know why I was transferred to VictoriaSt in 1962 for Pr6? but one does not ask too many questions in those days! The transition was not easy&neither were those pre-teen&teenage years. Mother died in 1965 and was then sent to boarding school in Dublin/Ireland – a path that one does not choose, but chosen for you!

On hindsight, I know now that I am blessed to have been given all those experiences to live a full life. Thank you.

St Theresa’s Convent – 1954/69/92 has sure come a long way, but Mt Faber&the foothills surroundings, my childhood playgrounds will always stay deep in the memory.

Nostalgia – the Vice of the Aged.


Believe it or not? This is the first Salmon Vending Machine crossing my path but did not try as the stomach was asking for durians (wonder if there will ever be vending machines for durians – hahaha). Norwegian Salmon too – wonder if there are there such machines in Norway,