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11 Jun 2019 – To Discover or Rediscover


Sat: thank you Alvin for the completed framed portrait and for good breakfast company. Good luck to his new ventures, happy sketching and safe travels for his EU trip ahead. Looking forward to catching again up end of the year

Always enjoy visiting the National DesignCentre to check out what is new, it’s been awhile since the last visit. Took the weekend to catch up.

These delightful pix books are wonderful for young&old – creative artwork pleasant to the eyes and stories to get you imagination going.

The book and title that got my attention: The Journey by Francesca SannaWhat is like to have to leave everything behind and travel many miles to somewhere unfamiliar and strange? A mother and her two children set out on such a journey: one filled with fear of the unknown, but also great hope.

Published by Flying Eye Books in spring 2016, the book has been translated in 14 languages, and has been awarded with the gold medal of the Society of Illustrators (US) and the Premi Llibreter (Spain).

Nice place to have a bite or drink@Tanuki Raw – Lychee Martini with fresh oysters followed by Truffle Yakiniku (pan-seared US-BlackAngus beef, onsen egg, truffle soy-sauce over Tanuki’s signature rice). Bon Appetit.

Long day and was tired, but stayed until interval for this full-house story telling session. Enjoyed Kiran Shah’s Nevertheless, She Persisted where she told passionately her personal story of the progression of arranged marriages in her family.

Sun: Happy 10th Birthday greetings from SIN to Sophie, #4grandchild – hugs&XXXs to her. She too now joins her 3older siblings with 2digits in her age, but still does not fit into her daddy’s shoes, hahaha! She is the only grandchild I woke up for 2 of her night-feeds for 2weeks of her baby-life. Linn was then hospitalized for Septic Pelvic Thrombophlebitis/SPT and thx to May&Nancy who were also there to help.

Jubilee Photo Studio@National Library – a trip worth the time to view some of these precious old B/W photography to refresh your memories if you are my age 🙂

1st time I took a plane was from here – when/1950s, to where? do not remember?? but do vaguely remember throwing-up!!

This I remember vividly – the night before, we had a big dinner party on the lawn and those wooden tables&chairs were left on the lawn for many days before the catering ppl could collect them.

So glad to come across this as I was actually asking round in Nostalgic Singapore, a FB Group if anyone might have some old pix from the Yang Kit pool with good childhood memories.

Was not aware that this was still happening in the 1980s, left SIN in 1965 and would have thought that by the 1980s, flushed-toilets were the norm. But do remember dreading being caught behind one of those vehicles carrying these buckets in the 1950s-60s!!


61975973_359099954743182_4495876335574450176_nEdited – tkx for informative comments from FB-NostalgicSINnight soil lorry seen here along N-Bridge Rd (1984) – pix credits to ChrisLee. Tng KhinChai: the last place was a house in Lorong LewLian where the family have been paying $3 a month for collection (ST 24Jan 1987/), MohdBakhtiar Anang:  the official title of the job is Night Soil Worker and they are represented by a union. Yusof BinAbdulRahman:  Black Bucket (Tong Hitam) kampong days. We have come a long way looking at this new concept from Japan…

Mon: @Les’s FarrerPk Clinic for Lawrence’s errands. Dinner@Les&Ivy to arrange Lawrence’s trip back to KCH for this round.


My favourite coffee cookies can be found here@Bakerzin/Farrer Park. Interesting novelty with this chocolate dog, have never ate any dog, but might this one!

Tue: need this day to cool my nerves&sanity! The latest news in NYC must trigger off some terrible memories from 9/11 – family&friends all over the world, stay safe.

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