Welcome to the Year of the Tiger/2022

5 Feb 2022 – Lunar/CNY Visits

Tue:  恭喜發財 KungHeiFattChoy=wishing you great happiness&prosperity in Cantonese. and since I am Cantonese, these are the phrases I would be wishing my family with:

l新年快樂 SunNinFaiLok=Happy New Year
身體健康SunTaeGeenHong= Good Health
出入平安ChutYupPingOn=Peace be with you

1stCNY day and as far as I can remember, it is usually a day packed with family&friends’ visits &gatherings. Due to the present circumstances, not more than 5ppl could visit and also not more than a group for the day – somehow today I do not fit in any group and just as well as I do need this day to rest before a whole week of visits ahead.

Wed: 2-2-22 visit with 2nd sis-in-lawYS on this 2ndCNY day. Bus16 to DhobyGhautMRT-KranjiMRT (WestSide) takes nearly 2hrs; appreciations to nieceLeng&CS for picking me up at the station. Tkx for delicious home-made lunch – always look forward to her delicious curry and she is still an excellent cook, even today in her 80s+

Quite a neighbourhood where a green corrridor with banana, durian, rambutan trees can be found – tempting but, unfortunately no medial insurance unless the CaiShen can guarentee me protection falling from trees!

One of the neighbours has this 6-metre 財神 CaiShen/God of Wealth on their varenda – hope that it will bring extra Huat to the neighbourhood and a CaiShen of this proportion should have the power to bring Huat to all others too! size sems to matter for this house! a HelloKitty fan too!! But what does one do with wealth when there is no more cure for poor health??


Since in the area, continued to BukitBatok and tkx to JenMun&SK for yummy durian&home-made ChickenRandang. By the time I got back to the EastSide, it was nearly 2200hrs; out for nearly 12hrs, left before 1000hrs this morning.

Thu: another day of long public transport day! Somehow I remember BukitTimah canal to always be flooding in heavy rains and this section of the road will be jammed with traffic during horse racing weekends in the 1950s! Cheerful flowers grown on the shaded walkways.

Annual walk into BinjaiPk neighbourhood with beautiful lush greeny –

even saw a BuahCherry/Aratiles/Sarisa tree, but the berries are far from ripe. https://amylamsg.com/2019/06/14/aratiles-sarisa/

3rdCNY-day-visit to 11thAuntieDiana who is now 98 and does not remember me, but tkx to cousin Ken for remembering&having me over for this visit.

Fri: TGIF a good weekend to all on this 4thCNY-day; considered not too wise to leave the house for too long, just in case 財神 CaiShen/God of Wealth should pay a visit to the family’s house.

2022Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony in Beijing/China tonight. All the best&Good Luck to AdrianYUNG – Tim’s son, nephew to David, Richard, May&Lock, MInos+Dika&Mark’s cousin, Ike’s uncle who will be representing HKG in the slalom&giant slalom events.

4thCNY-day-dinner@sisJo&Michael+nieceSue with broLes&Ivy. Fond memories of broLawrence who would have been 88 today. Some action@UpperEC bus-stop93099 where there was a police car+a bus with some psg on it not being allowed to get off, but nobody seemed to really know what was going on?and the police around were tight-lips?? 45mins-stroll@EC-Pk after dinner and back in my 4-walls before midnight.

Sat: 5thCNY-day to update before heading for another visit tomorrow.

Feb’s Bdays

2 – Happy Bdays Cathrine and Garry
4 – Happy Bdays Kurt and fond memories to bro Lawrence who would have been 88
12 – Happy Bday SK Tan
14  ♥ ♥ ♥Happy Valentine’s Day♥ ♥ ♥
15 – Happy Bday Guri
16 – Happy Bday Mike/LOON
20 – Happy Bdays YatSoon and Henry
24 – Happy Bdays Bjørn and Calvin. 27 – Happy Bday Cleo

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