Fathers Day 2019

18 Jun 2019 – Toy Story 4

Sat: today, 15Jun, 2gentlemen I admire and respect, my father LAM TinYue would have been 108; Linn&May’s paternal grandfather John HALD III 96. They both hold special places in the heart.

A walk on MacKenzieRd to this first OldChangKee outlet to pick up some curry-puffs&sotong-heads.

Thank you to Calvin for yummy oysters&wines – must have ate nearly a dozen and slept a goodnight sleep last night, so must be fresh! 2above pix credits to Helen.

Now at this stage in life, am more careful with raw foods, but oysters are the only few foods where I like them best raw on the shell. Good time was had by all who were there, good to catch up with Lucas.

Sun: Happy Fathers Day to all fathers, with special loving memories&thoughts to my father, LAM TinYue (1911-1996). To the Orange&Purple Generation for this LAM family-branch, this is your grandfather and great-grandfather.

Also Happy Fathers Day to the father (John) of my 2children and to sons-in-law Jeff&Bjørn, fathers to my 6grandchildren. Thank you for my children&grandchildren who are so far the greatest blessings in this life’s journey.

Appreciations to Daisy for ticket to the Premiere for ToyStory4@Lido – still remember ToyStory1 being released in 1995 when we were living in FL but do not remember 2&3! Not to be a spoiler, but watching the ending for 4, doubt that there will be a 5, but you never know…

There is a mini carnival outside Shaw Lido, but the main carnival is at Gardens By The Bay. Do take the kids there during the school holidays for some fun while it last. https://www.straitstimes.com/lifestyle/entertainment/gardens-come-alive-with-toys

A sea of protesters, most dressed in black and carrying white flowers of mourning, have swept through central Hong Kong to denounce a controversial extradition law and demand that the city’s leader, Carrie Lam, steps down.

The Chinese idiom人山人海 people mountain people sea is most appropriate here.


Mon: catching up with housework, etc and important to have a day like this to put things away and see the big pix! My biggest pix is FOOD – hahaha, j/k! Even when I have a solo meal, will try to take the time to make it look appetizing&pleasing to my eyes!! Often it takes more time to present than eating it!!! Food pix here taken from a magazine for presentation ideas.

The further we go the more we leave behind and sometimes it is important to be away from issues both physically&mentally to see that life is really quite simple as long as you can remember to live with this saying – do onto others as you would like others to do onto you. What others do or say is NOT within my control but what I do or say IS.

Tue: NDC – these young dentist nowadays look like they could be my grandchildren or it is just me getting on in age, hahaha!

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