From Orchids To Jazz

21 May 2022 – Flu+PCV13 Shots

Tue: being the first appt is the best way to go@SGH. Got my breakfast, breathing tests, consultation with follow-ups appts+paper work including 2shots (flu+PCV13) all done by 1100hrs.

Nice crochet-flower-art by KnotsWithLoveFHG, Carnations, OrchidsToSunflowers, in appreciation of SGHstaff. Just as I was admiring these, DaisyC messaged to let me know that she managed to get fresh milkfish and if I would like to lunch with her? Anyone who knows me also know that I cannot resist fresh fish&seafood, hahaha!

OutramMRT-NE-PurpleLine3 to DhobyGhaut, quite an underground system, must have looked lost as some kind lady directed me to PlazaSIN where I picked up a house-warming plant+snack and still managed to connect with NS24-RedLine to YioCunKang.

The barricades+construction got me confused and here I asked a young man for directions and was impressed&touched that he not only gave me directions, but walked me (10-15mins) to Daisy’s lovely newly renovated pad – calming&nice minimalist feeling&style.

Thank you for yummy lunch and what a beautiful peranakan-tiled wall.

Today is the National Day & a public holiday in Norway Happy 17May to those celebrating&marking the day when the Norwegian Constitution was signed in Eidsvoll/Norway on 17May1814. Pleased&delighted to see that #6+family&friends had a nice 17May celebrations in Norway with perfect blue sky thru-out the whole country.

Wed&Thu: what a bright-brillant-full-moon for this early morning wake-up greeting after flu+PCV13 shots yesterday@SGH. Had a good 8+hrs sleep, now to take it easy today&tomorrow.

Finland&Sweden simultaneously handed in their official letters of application to join NATO. VladimirPutin said that Swedish&Finnish Nato-membership posed no threat to Russia!! (can we trust his words after what is happening in Ukraine??) but cautioned that Moscow would respond if the WesternAlliance boosted military infrastructure in the new NordicMembers.

Fri: Its been a long time ago since last stepped foot in an orchid farm. Tkx to Wendy & AhHong for this lovely morning where it was a breath of fresh air to be amongst these beautiful Dendrobiums, Renantheras+many more species orchids@NeoCheng SoonFarm/30LimChuKangLane5. Nice to be able to catch up with AhHong who remembers those days where we were setting up for the shows – good to see him with a cheerful smiley disposition.

And tkx to Wendy for dessert@PoisonIvyBistro/Bollywood. Appreciations to Ivy&HoSeng – the concept of BollywoodVeggies started~20yrs ago when I was working for NetBallSIN. Such a good idea then, and still is to have a part of SIN to connect to what was! PoisonIvy is where you can taste some delicious local delight filling with nostalgic memories!

Tkx to Chris for Japanese dinner@Chikuyotei/Intercontinental and for introducing GrilledStingrayFins – they are delicious with the mayo, tasted like NorwegianDriedFish/tørr fisk but the mayo did make it taste differently must try that with the tørr fisk in future!

And also tkx to Les&Ivy for Jazz&Cocktails@Idlewild/Intercontinental – pleasant voice&sight! of GreggAuthur from Australia. Nice meeting Jan who grew up in Alaska, a young active sporty lady who will be doing an island-round cyclying tomorrow morning – good for her. Left 2230hrs, was tired after a morning in the sun at the farms+long MRT&bus rides.

Sat: had a good night sleep, now ready to deal with another day, not really! and tomorrow too will be another day! Wonder if it is the side-effects of the 2shots+the heat&humidity??

Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; begin it well and serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense – Ralph Waldo Emerson