The Capitol of Singapore

7 May 2022 – Magnolia Snack Bar Nostalgia

Wed: found these pix from 8yrs ago from one of the visits with my US-flock then. Sunrise Cactus pre-bloom, full-bloom, post-bloom – a reminder as to how quickly time goes by, so take care to enjoy your moments of bloom. The blooms may be brief but the memory of its beauty will last a lifetime. A good mid-week and

May the Force Be with you all – pix of SkelligMichael/CoKerry, Ireland downloaded

Thu: Happy CincoDeMayo to those celebating&marking Mexican army’s victory over France at the PueblaBattle during the Franco-MexicanWar. Enjoy your tacos&tequila – everyday is a celebration with many special celebrations this month despite the lack of authentic ambience – the mind&memory can help.

Was in the mood for some TexMex today, delighted to discover the nearest location to satisfy my craving is only 3bus-stops away@Guzman y Gomez,12Katong S$31. BurritoChickenBowl+2 large sides of Guacamole&PicoDeGallo is enough to last me for a few meals – first time tasting this rich interesting chocolate/cinnamon drink Champurrado.

Follow-up appt@FarrerPkMedical and all is as well as it can be with breathing back to 99% as to when I was there with 30% a month+ago, ouch!  Now able to run errands in LIttleIndia&Chinatown (Mother’s Day deco is up) without feeling out of breath&tired. Appreciations to CJ&Theresa for yummy dinner, her HKG-style-steamed fish is one of my favourites, especially with totally fresh fish. Do miss the freshness of Norwegian fish/wild when I can fish them and have them on my plate in less than an hour.

Finally this guide I have been waiting for from Canada (took slightly over a month!) arrived. Looking forward to reading it.

Fri: Ode to Art@RafflesCity would usually have something there to catch my eyes.

Treating myself to my favourite almond croissant@TiongBahruBakery and my favourite box of RoyceDarkChocolate for Mother’s Day. All mothers deserve to treat themselves now&then, tkx to niece Patricia for company.

In conjunction with SIN-HeritageFest2022, CapitolTheatre premiered its documentary film tonight. Have not been inside this since the 1960s (do not even remember any of the movies seen there) and nice memories to see the familiar pair of FlyingHorses, what I used called them before knowing about Pegasus and the zodia dome ceiling. Fascinated to know&learn that all the chairs can be retracted underground in such a way that it can be turned into an empty hall so as to accomodate exhibitions+other kinds of other functions, what a clever&practical idea – would like to see it in action!

Vivid memories of the MagnoliaSnackBar (best chocolate milk shake for me then) in the Capitol Building, also in CHIJ classrooms overlooking this building from 1962-65.

The introduction+speeches went on longer than expected, had to cancel reservations for dinner@BroadwayAmericanDiner. Headed back to RafflesCity to dine@DinTaiFung (few locations open up to 22hrs nowadays), thinking of #6 as this is his favourite place to eat at and again mistaking the stalk of lemongrass for a straw in my favourite lemongrass drink! Appreciate the good companies of neices, nephew, grandniece&friend.

Sat: relaxing with my favourite goodies&snacks reading&watching movies for this Mother’s Day weekend.

I sometimes seem to myself to wander around the world merely accumulating material for future nostalgias –  Vikram Seth