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16 Dec 2012 – and SAD

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14 Dec 2012 Hanukkah and sad news of yet another tragic massacre in the US Newtown/Connecticut Sandy Hook Elementary School where 20 children and 6 adults were the victims. Total of 28 killed including the gunman’s mother and the gunman who shoot himself (edited 17 Dec). CT Gov Dan Malloy just told reporters in Newtown, ‘Evil visited this community today.’ Prayers and condolences to their families, friends and to the community.


Gregory Gibson is the author of Gone Boy/A Father’s Search for the Truth in His Son’s Murder. Reflecting on the loss of his son on exactly the same date 20yrs ago previously in a school shooting; a father comments…

SAD/Seasonal affective disorder, also known as winter depression, winter blues or seasonal depression, is a mood disorder in which people who have normal mental health throughout most of the year experience depressive symptoms in the winter. Noticed that when living above the Arctic Circle in the late 1970s but then SAD did not exist and only years later after research that it was given a name!

Catching up with family & friends and meeting new friend for lunches & dinners the past week but easily tired out. Not sure if it the travelling, jet lag etc taking toll or if these sad news or SAD or a combination of all – feeling heavy-hearted lately. Life has to go on in spite of these evil illogical senseless acts. But are we wiser from all these lessons???


IMG_0939IMG_0938Life of Pi***directed by Ang Lee and is well done. Enjoyed it. Hotel Transylvania***grandchildren wanted to see this and it was not showing when in the US. Both decent and entertaining, not sure if it is the loudness in enclosed surroundings or is it me who is getting a headache for not being adjusted yet!

We’ve got to set the clocks back dictators tell us so; and suffer seasonal affective disorder through the months of snow – Steve Fowler

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  1. The winter blues aren’t just a frame of mind; they’re also a state of mind. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) , also called winter depression, is characterized by a drop in energy level, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, irritability, weight gain, and carbohydrate cravings, among other things. It usually begins by late fall or early winter and ends by late spring or early summer. The neurotransmitter serotonin is believed to play a significant role in SAD. A study in The Lancet provides further evidence for this relationship.

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  2. When you are both depressed and dependent on alcohol or drugs, you are given a “dual diagnosis.” A dual diagnosis simply means that you suffer from both a psychiatric disorder (it may a bipolar disorder or depression) and chemical dependency. Having a dual diagnosis complicates the healing process, since it means that you have to overcome two major illnesses in order to get well. Fortunately, many outpatient and resident treatment centers specialize in treating individuals with dual diagnoses. These centers are usually covered by insurance and are able to offer long-term treatment. Check with your local hospital or mental health clinic to learn who offers dual diagnosis treatment in your area.

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  3. When I was in the eye of depression’s storm, I couldn’t pray. I would go into my bedroom closet, shut the door, and light a candle in the dark. I stared into its flame, wanting so badly to feel at peace.

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  4. Up to a half million Americans suffer as the seasons change. For someone with seasonal affective disorder (SAD) the onset of winter can mean weight gain, feelings of depression and lethargy, and in some northern areas, as many as 15% of people suffer from a mild form of the disorder and 2-3% suffer severely. SAD reduces quality of life, affects professional performance and reduces well being, and although it’s often missed or misdiagnosed, simple non drug treatments often work very well to reduce or eliminate symptoms.

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