A Tragic Consequence

12 Dec 2012 – 12-12-12…

is the last iterative date of our life time and we will never see again. 12-12-12 is the last of the repetitious, continual, repetitive dates for 100yrs, unless one is born today and live to 2101! Next iterative date is 01-01-01 ie anno 2101 when this life’s journey would have reached its destination long before 2101 🙂

After a week of catching up with sleep and the inner-self ie the awareness so as to be able to adapt back to another climate, culture, society and time again! Takes time and not easy but always a challenge for the body and mind.

Nice meeting up with friends, especially with AmyR who has bought a one-way ticket out of SIN to India, volunteering her talent to teach English to children. Good luck and well wishes to her life’s journey. Looking forward to hearing about her experiences whenever our paths may cross again.

And with Gel, a delightful young lady who is now in the media production. Our paths crossed working for Netball Singapore nearly 10yrs ago.

Those who know me also know that I do not get too emotional about many things but this over-hyped case managed to trigger a nerve somewhere. In this case where a prank call with no premeditated malice intended turned tragic. Pointing fingers is not going to help. ALL of us live on this planet, thus also a culprit and a victim in one way or other. Condolences to Ms. Saldanha’s family, friends and coworkers.



When one is not even aware of the cultural and social, differences, compassion, consideration, respect, tolerance etc are forgotten.  To the Western world, it was just a silly prank and this after all happened in a Western society. Most cities today have imported foreign workers to fill in all kinds of jobs. This create both cultural and social issues for the countries which import these workers and for these workers who sometimes are unable to relate or understand in this case, the inappropriate and unethical sense of humour.


This supposedly cosmopolitan world is only but superficial ie how many are really aware of the cultural and social differences to take consideration regarding their own action and speech? Life goes on – history and mistakes will repeat themselves in some ways as we are all but human…

To make no mistakes is not in the power of man; but from their errors and mistakes the wise and good learn wisdom for the future – Plutarch