Old Places & Romances

18 Dec 2012 – National Museum of SIN


Two documentaries Old Places and Old Romances by Roystan Tan, Eva Tang & Victric Thng. These were featured at the NMS over the weekend. Well done but only few places meant anything for the real oldies! This new generation who experienced SIN after 1970s is a different era. Many of the places featured are not known to one who left SIN soil in 1965. Thus, again re-enforces and rubs in the age! But then what is considered OLD is relative!!

The National Museum of SIN/新加坡国家博物院 dates back to 1887 will be considered old in SIN. Again relative compared to many cultures and history in the world.  NMS has gone thru’ names changes and restoration and is still the oldest museum in SIN. A restoration job tastefully done by keeping the old building and adding in the new section, good contrast from colonial days to today. First time in this museum was in the 1950s.



Enjoy visiting to feel that time has somehow stood still when in the original section and yet when in the new wing, time is brought up to date – kind of like being in a time machine! Trying to download a pix of the description from the net but alas, no luck. Anyone who might have an aerial view to show the contrast, would appreciate the share. Thanks.


24 Dec: Found one uploaded from unlvasa.org


A popular place for wedding photography, managed to capture this pix of this couple taking a break. Over last weekend pix of Monumental Weddings were displayed featuring the diverse ethnicity in SIN.

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