Beyond 2012

21 Dec 2012 – Welcome Ole K & Family to SIN




The last time Ole K was in SIN must have been app 20yrs ago. Ole is Linn’s childhood friend from Norway, Tromsø days. His parents, Ingrid and Han K are also good friends since the 1970s. Now he and his family, Hanne, Jenny and Martin are en route to Vietnam for their holidays. A lovely cool evening at Gardens by the Bay. First impression, impressive and certainly a garden beyond 2012! Need more time to check it out.

21-12-12 Why the World Won’t End and the scientific explanation…

Some take the end of the Mayan calendar seriously, while some find it as the perfect excuse to make jokes and internet memes about it and here is my all time favourite…


The Mayan calendar and its speculations of the world’s end have caused dialogues and discussions world wild. But according to the calendar, after 21 Dec will be the ‘rebirth’ after a 5125-year cycle, changes will happen, NOT ending!!

Considering such an ancient civilization (c. 2000 BC to AD 250), the Maya charted a calendar to the winter solstice up to 2012. They must have been quite advance then. The Maya centers went into decline during the 8th and 9th centuries and were abandoned shortly thereafter. This decline, coupled with a cessation of monumental inscriptions and large-scale architectural construction has no universally accepted theory explaining the collapse??

The latest researches point to drought…


1990 pix in Mexico, Chichen Itza/El Castillo overlooking down to the Plaza of the 1,000 Columns. With Chac Mool at the Temple of the Warriors trying to learn more about this mysterious and advance, yet a brutal civilization!

When will the next doomsday to be predicted again… 🙂 🙂 🙂

I’m not going to take this defeatist attitude and listen to all this crap any more from all these people who have nothing except doomsday to predict – Carroll Shelby