30 May 2011 – How & Where to Start…

There is no emoticon for what I am feeling… – Oscar Wilde                                                                                                                              

Had a lovely time catching with Kristen & Geir on Fri. Observed on the walk home that the dandelions are done with their flowering stage and soon those seeds will be flying all over. Only a few days ago, the same pix was yellow as far as the eyes could see. The dandelions at the house are still at their flowering as they are on higher grounds.

When there are no tools in the house on a Sunday and none of the neighbours are home, forget even trying to borrow a screw-driver. All shops are closed in the area, so not much can be done until there are some tools.  Bjørn has this amazing ladder and it is now here in the house. No ladder to heaven but feels like in the circus when balancing on it to clean the walls 🙂

Painting walls sounds easy when all these procedures are already done! First to wash off stains, to be rid of all the nails screws etc, and fill in the holes, tape all the joins to doors & windows and to protect the floor. The ex-tenant had torn off bits and pieces of the wallpaper in the dinning area and this too has to be fixed. At least most of the stains are washed off and all the dandelions blooms have been cut from the lawn, for the time being this weekend!

Found the curtains for the living room in the attic which are good quality curtains from early 1980s and they were rather costly then! Well worth the money as they are still in good condition. Thanks to May & Bjørn 10 liters paint, brushes etc are in place and for misc odds & ends shopping@IKEA on Sat. Whoever says that cleaning and painting up a house is easy, has never done it! Unless the lottery is won there is no escape!! Does not get easier with age, the aches are felt in every joint, everyday but this too shall pass!!!

To win the Lottery, you must first buy a ticket – unknown

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