Designed for Escaping…

27 May 2011 – Thanks for the Feed-backs!

A design for escaping, but alas the Tortoise is too slow to catch a ride on the space shuttle that lifted off some time ago! And so the Tortoise thought, in my next life I want to be the Hare!! Posted the Doors of Dublin poster and the feedbacks from FB were great. Here is an example to get a 🙂 when things are not so bright and positive. Appreciate that you all will continue with the comments, tkx!

All pix (except the Doors of Dublin) today are downloaded from different sites. Like the idea of designing either a new poster with tasteful doors, windows and roofs, title: Designed for Escaping! Whoever takes up this idea and make money on it, remember where you got the idea from, LOL.

Have a blast this weekend!

At present there is no escape as all doors, windows and roof which need to be either cleaned or painted and here is a quote to keeps some sanity in life…
God, give us grace to accept with serenity 
the things that cannot be changed, 
Courage to change the things 
which should be changed, 
and the Wisdom to distinguish 
the one from the other.

Living one day at a time, 
Enjoying one moment at a time… – Reinhold Niebuhr

When all doors led to LaLaLand…
    • Mette Backer That is so cool 🙂
    • Amy Lam Never know what is in the attic until the boxes are opened 🙂

    • Denise Schade Is that what that photo is about. I have it in a book about digital photography and symmetry. I love it in colour. Keep it! keep it!

    • Amy Lam Many have copied that design later but the first was this one, Doors of Dublin!

    • Denise Schade Aren’t they fabulous doors?

    • Amy Lam When all doors are closed, then go open them! Otherwise go thru’ the windows. Now why has not anyone come up with a design for windows?
    • Denise Schade Windows! There is a great idea to investigate. Not sure my neighbourhood would be very interesting though!
    • Denise Schade I quite like roofs and gables too! We could produce a coffee table book.
    • Amy Lam Good idea… name it ‘Ways to Escape’ 🙂

    • Denise Schade That’s brilliant! maybe “Designed For Escaping”. Maybe continue the poster theme.

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