An Unforgettable Night with Peter Grimes

3 Jun 2011 – Man invented morals but tide have none…

As the sky turns, the world for us to change?
But if the horoscope’ s bewildering
Like a flashing turmoil of a shoal of herring,
Who can turn skies back and begin again? – from Peter Grimes by Britten

Apologies for no postings during the past few days but the words were just not coherent in thoughts or mind. Yesterday was Kristi Himmelfart/The Feast of the Ascension is one of the great feasts in the Christian liturgical calendar and commemorates the bodily Ascension of Jesus into heaven. Ascension Day is traditionally celebrated on a Thu, the 40th day from Easter day. It was a public holiday here in holy Norway!

Tue: raining the whole day and the mood was not much different from the weather :'( Did some painting and work on the house but the mind was far far away. Wed was a beautiful day, thanks to Kris for a ride to Sandvika and coffee at her office@Bærum kommunegården. A walk in Sandvika by the river with Nils Aasland’s Memory of a Strong Woman, A Strong Woman and Strong Woman Missing was good for the soul.

App another 30mins walk to IKEA from Sandvika helped the body too. Had roast beef salad and a drink, NOK 90/S$20 for lunch. Shopping more stuff and met with Ingrid who helped to drive the stuff to the house. Wonder how comparable the IKEA prices here are to SIN? Bought the cheapest set of cutlery BONUS (4 of 4 things) costing NOK29/S$7.

Wed: a night at the new opera house with Britten’s Peter Grimes was the first experience to a performance in this interesting building. The production and the voices were impressive even though Britten’s music is not my favourtie! Spent the night Ingrid’s after the opera and yesterday was when summer started. Helped her clear and clean up their pool area in anticipation that summer is really here to stay for the season! Thanks to Ingrid and Hans K for having me over to their beautiful house and to Ingrid for all her help with driving and for including me at the opera. Appreciations to May & Bjørn for dropping by just in time to pick me up from the bus-stop.

Jun’s special dates:

1 Jun – Happy Bday Morten HALD

2 Jun – Happy Bday Kenson KWOK

4 Jun – Happy Bday Erik KORKOWSKI

6 Jun – Happy Bdays Dika LAM & Harry CHAN

9 Jun – Happy Bday Sophie HALL

14 Jun – Happy Bday Anne WONG-HOLLOWAY

15 Jun – Happy Bdays to my father LAM Tin Yue and my children’s grandfather John HALD Sr (both not with us any longer but the two men I have most respect and admiration for). Happy Bday Amy JENSEN

19 Jun – Happy Father’s Day

25 Jun – Happy Bdays John LAM, Clement LAM & HUANG

28 Jun – Happy Bdays Jeff HALL, John WILSON & Adriane HENSON

30 Jun – Happy Bdays LAM JenMun &  Annie KOH-LAM

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