Holy Holy Holy

12 Jun 2011 – with the descent of the Holy Spirit came the sun!

This is a long weekend, being Pinse/Pentecost or Whitsunday, commemorating the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the disciples of Christ after the Resurrection. It is again a public holiday on Mon here in holy Norway. Services will be held in all churches. The pix of Bryn Church is a view from my terrace this morning. Pinse is the great spring holiday when everybody tries to get away from the city, a phenomena of the Norwegians! Kristi Himmelfart/The Feast of the Ascension was just last week, another excuse to get away!

Quite an oxymoron and challenge to live in such a holy country with the heathen trolls and vikings! The rains have been relentless for 6 days and the grounds must be saturated with water by now. To those driving to and from their cabins in the mountains or by the coast, please drive safely and carefully!

An Australian friend, Kim told me that it is also a public holiday in Australia… another benefit of being a part of the British Commonwealth — a day off on Monday in recognition of the Queen’s birthday. Another Australian friend, Denise posted this nice creation dish called Frogs in Pond. A SIN friend, Athena posted this rice and stew dish which I will name Teddy in Stew! Blue Flour Cookies from Irmo/SC. Great ideas to get children to eat their food and who knows, perhaps they will one day learn to appreciate good food 🙂

No matter what is written, someone is either commenting that there are too little words or too many words. Sometimes the words just keep pouring in and other times they are falling out! Oh well, such is life, will just write when the words are there and when they are not, will post more pix. After all the blog is about life’s journey and that means everything & nothing, but mainly as a reminder for the blessings in life!

For everything that lives is holy, life delights in life – William Blake