Imaginary Friends

30 Jun 2011 – Over with Half of 2011!

Yesterday was a beautiful day, took time to walk to the grocery store and enjoyed watching the butterflies basking in the sun. Was also lucky to find a handful of wild strawberries on the way. One of them is about the size of my tiny finger nail but the taste is unlike the big cultivated ones. These are wild and taste what strawberries should taste like. Too eager to have them in my mouth that the camera forgot to do its job… LOL, the camera is my latest scapegoat, like a childhood imaginary friend 🙂

Painted the concrete flower case on the terrace, managed to clear the patch by the entrance and now hopefully the row of sunflowers will bloom. It was quite a job with all kinds of roots and weeds to pull. Dug up this root and thought about a children’s book by Anne-Cath Vestly (1920-2008), a known Norwegian writer for children’s book which Linn enjoyed.

One was Lillebror & Knerten. In this book, Little brother is a little lonely boy and think that the adults are so busy and boring with no time to play with him. Mother works in a shop and his older brother Phillip goes to school. Just when brother finished putting together a pointed, small, strange house, he looks over at some branches. One of the roots looks like a little man with both arms and legs and a small head. And thus begins a relationship with this imaginary friend, Knerten!

Both L&M had imaginary friends during their childhood and they were good friends who took the blame when things did not go right 🙂 Will keep this piece of root to remind me that one is never too old to have an imaginary friend and who knows, sometimes it might even be a good listener! When the house is sold, it will also be a reminder of the Norwegian experience in life’s journey!!