Computer Activities Addiction

31 Jul 2011 – Till Death Do Us Part!

To a certain extent, we are all rather dependent or addicted to the activities on computers, PCs , iPads, etc. But where does one draw the line to be considered as an addiction? Like any addictions and like any realistic human, one will deny the addiction. Reading about users who do not eat or sleep or spending 12hrs without taking a break, the word addiction is certainly appropriate for the scenario! That is an extreme case. Does moderation exist for this subject?? Everyone has their own moderation ie can only be measured subjectively!

A man whose son died after playing video games for long periods is campaigning for greater awareness of the risk posed by their excessive use.

The conclusion – each to their own as long as one is not harming oneself and their loved ones, again very subjective!!!

In this interesting but long and drawn-out article, one can read and might learn something about computer addiction –

… Even if someone uses a computer extensively for purely recreational purposes, that doesn’t necessarily represent a real addiction any more than someone who spends hours working on a model train set, making quilts or gardening is “addicted” to those activities. Even the agreed-upon definition of addiction itself has evolved over the decades and remains a matter of debate in the medical community. In fact, the American Medical Association and the American Psychiatric Association do not currently consider computer addiction a valid diagnosis, a controversy we’ll discuss later.

As a result of all these complications, any single definition of computer addiction is necessarily broad and a little vague. If the computer use is so pervasive that it interferes with other life activities, and if the user seems unable to stop using the computer to excess despite negative consequences, the problem might be a computer addiction…

Good-bye to Jul 2011, Norway will never forget such sadness & pain. Welcome Aug 2011 with hopes for Harmony & Peace!


30 Jul 2011 – Venabygdsfjellet

Tue: bus from OSL on E6 North (with a few stops including the airport) to Hamar 150NOK/S$34 app 2hrs and was met by Anne. Drove to Ringebu and headed up the mts/app 900m, another app 2hrs drive from Hamar. The first and last time there was Feb 1982 in freezing temps of -20C and the hytta was just completed but the kitchen was then set up during that visit. This was a spontaneous visit and the battery in the camera was nearly flat, thus only few pix.

Wed: a nice morning walk to the river and waterfall Svartåa with the suspension bridge. We had the woods, river and waterfall to ourselves, a luxury feeling of space with clean fresh air! An afternoon drive app 1.30hrs  to Raphamn (not far from Otta) to visit god-daughter Guri, who was at her in-law’s hytta. Congratulations to Hans Olav and  Guri who gave birth to her 2nd child Eline in Mar. Uploaded some of the pix from Anne&Roar’s camera  but seeming unable to locate them, not the first nor last time this happens! Will post them when and if  they appear!!

Here in the county of Oppland where Gudbrandsdale is located, a beautiful area surrounded by the national parks of Jotunheimen, Rondane and Dovrefjell and is known for medieval farms, good skiing and hiking. Lake Gålå/Vinstra stages Ibsen’s Peer Gynt set to Grieg’s music in the open air. It is an annual event since 1990. Must try to make it someday!

Thu: Ringebu Stavkyrkje/Stave Church, a medieval wooden church from 1220, is one of the 28 historic stave churches still standing in Norway. Took the 18.15hrs train from Ringebu to OSL 454NOK/S$102. Had to change connecting to a bus at Lillestrøm due to works on railway line on that stretch. The train & bus took app 3hrs and another 40mins on bus 151 from OSL to Kolsås. Reached the house app 22.30hrs. Tusen takk/thousand thanks to A&R for their most gracious hospitality.

When the Nordic World Stood Still

29 Jul 2011 – Aftermath

Mon 25 July 1200n: when the Nordic World stood still in respect to the victims of Fri 22 Jul bombings and shootings. Was in town at the OSL University where the Norwegian Royal family, King Harald, Queen Sonja, Crown Prince Haakon, Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg/the Labour leader, survivors of the shootings and many others like myself were there to pay our respects with one minute of silence. The survivors of the youth camp were there to show and sign the condolences book.

Meanwhile, Anders Behring Breivik, the suspect will be interrogated for a second time today, Oslo Police Chief Johan Fredriksen said

Gratitudes to the Hustads for their company and for having me stay the night at their house on this grey and sombre day. Decided to take up Stenseths’ invitation to spend a few days at their hytta in Ringebu somewhere up in the Norwegian mountains. Never can tell what tomorrow will bring and being with family and good friends is the top of the list.

For Norwegians still in shock from Friday’s horrific attacks, there is a sense they have woken up in a country that has ‘lost its innocence’ – CNN

Not the Norway…

25 Jul 2011 – … I used to know

A ray of sunshine peeped thru’ with the birth of #5 grandchild. After what just happened, so lost for words in such horrendous crime and a wave of sadness lingers on. This feeling of speechlessness and so out of control makes one shudder to think what kind of world we, our children, grandchildren are living in!

Today was at the University in town when all the Nordic countries held a minute of silence in respect to the victims. Pix to be uploaded when there is online access. At present no internet access at the house, just posting this from friends.

Went for a walk in the woods to pick wild blueberries the day before the bombings & shooting.  It was a beautiful day and the feeling of clean fresh air was good for the body. Having the woods to myself was good for the soul. Viewing these pix of wild mushrooms, berries, heather flowers in nature is the Norway I know and can relate to. Who would thought that such a beautiful and peaceful country would be the target of such hideous actions,  far from the Norway that I used to know. Baked this blueberry pie in memory of all the victims.

Grandchild #5


James Magnus HALL born in South Carolina/USA time, 23 Jul 19.50hrs

Weight: 3659 grams/8 pounds 1 oz  Height: 20 3/4 inches

Linn & Jeff are now proud parents of 5 children

Katy, Ellie, John and Sophie have a little brother to add to their gang

Gratitudes to my USA family

To make me a blessed grandmother of 5

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵Ʒ..•°*”˜ ☆ ¸..•´¨¨)) -:¦:-
.(ړײ)/       ¸.•´….•´¨¨))
.«▓       ((¸¸.•´ ¸.•´.-:¦:-♥
Love is like the wind, you can’t see it
…- but you can feel it.♥ )) ♥)) ♥))

Bombs & Shootings

23 Jul 2011 – A Sad Time for Norway

To all my family & friends. Thank you for all their kind concerns. This is indeed very sad for Norway. We are all safe but in shock.

The bomb went off yesterday afternoon 15.34hrs in the building where Bjørn works. It is the summer holidays and people finish work early. Thank goodness he left the building just before the bomb went off. Both May & Bjørn live and work in the central of Oslo. It was a wet and rainy day, stayed home to finish painting the baby’s room. I live out in the suburb, Kolsås app 30 mins drive from Oslo. M&B will be moving to Kolsås soon.

The shootings were not too far from Kolsås, on an island name Utøya. Was at the neighbour’s watching the news. Heard and saw many helicopters and the guy was caught. Dressed as a policeman, he somehow got to this island (accessible only by boat) after he set off the bombs in Oslo.

The bomb has killed at least 7 people and injured many but the shooting incident has killed many more.

At present, it might seems like one single really MAD & SICK Norwegian man is behind the bombing and the shooting on an island where at least 80 youths were killed at a political summer camp. Too soon for more info. Will have to read more over the next few days to find out. All the figures are for today and sadly they will probably go up 😦

Norway, The most beautiful country, the land of Nobel Peace Prize, Midnight Sun, Vikings! Who could have thought such evil & madness have also hit this peaceful spot. All thoughts and prayers are out to the victims, families, loved ones and friends.

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22 Jul 2011 – To Those Reading This Blog

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