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29 May 2020 – From Gov.sg&MOF To A Flag
Tue: usual grocery shopping day@Giant/MarineTerrace for senior discount – saving app S$3-4 monthly. Not much personal new pix to share, same old same old or older pix, so uploading what is interesting to me from various present happenings&links in this posting. Reflecting with more thoughts&seeing the past&present with yet another angle, that’s for having too much time! Somehow trying hard to not read too much into the news as there is just too much world unrest for the body&mind to digest, but still have to keep updated.

Overseas family&friends have expressed concerns about the # of cases here in SIN, and those # are mainly the foreign workers. Yes, it is worrying in some ways, but the # of deaths show the end result, literally the end! Looking at yesterday’s WHO statistics – not sure what to really make of statistics, but is one the few facts I can understand. Coincidentally, Norway, SIN & SC/USA have app the same pop, ie 5+mill, but of course the areas are far from the same.
Norway:  8,309 cases 235 deaths
SIN: 31,626 cases 23 deaths
SC/USA: 9,895 cases 430 deaths  USA: 1 592 599 cases 95 863 deaths.
Sweden: 33 459 cases 3 998 deaths where the Herd Immunity is happening! With those kind of statistics, I do question&wonder about their Herd Immunity for the 10+mil pop?

No regrets for being one of the 80,000 who signed. Let’s hope that the NDP organisers will opt-out for those funpacks and put the money to better use.


Enjoyed tonight’s The Coronalogues – Silver Lining – hosted by SIN Repertory Theatre, 9local writers, performed by 9local actors.

Wed: eldest of the PG who got married in Jan2020 is 31yrs today. Hopefully will live to be a great-grand auntie to document the 1stBrownGeneration/BG, no pressure there, SuiChang+JiaLing – hahaha.

A good read for anyone with Asia origins living overseas for decades but had to leave home to appreciate the Asian meals from their childhood. Blessed that I am one of those who like all kinds of good cuisines, memories when I first tasted black pudding&shepherd-pie in boarding school/1965 and like it then and still like it, provided when made with good fresh ingredients. 


What is happening in HKG where my maternal side of the family is far from good news.  Sadly&unfortunately do not see an amicable or peaceful outcome of this whole situation. Hopes&prayers to family&friends for their well-being&safety there. 


Tonight’s online event: Covid-19 and The Future of Travel – Hosted by The MileLion. Unfortunately the sound system was breaking up and could not hear much, but whatever I heard was not encouraging for International travels – so do not even know when I will be able to see my kids&grand kids again???

Thu: with the enhancements announced, all Singaporeans aged 21yrs&above in 2020 will receive a one-off Care and Support – Cash payout of $900, $600 or $300, depending on income, PAssion Card Top-up, Additional GST Voucher, Service and Conservancy Charges Rebate will be applicable to me, I think.



Fri: TGIF on the last Fri of this month. Still alive&walking, in decent health but over-eating&over-thinking. A good weekend to all – count your blessings in these turbulence times. Applied for a flag as the only one I had was given to my sis some years ago. If I am lucky to get it, will hang it outside, but facing the main door instead of facing the road!

That flag is a symbol we attach our emotions to, but it isn’t the emotion itself and it isn’t the thing we really care about. Sometimes we don’t even realize what we really care about, because we get so distracted by the symbols ― Tom Wolfe


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