Mother’s Day 2020

11 May 2020 – Catching Up With Old Movies

Fri: Eating-Plant by #6, but he did not specify what kind of eating plant – wish it is a COVID-19 Eating Plant even thought it is quite an adorable looking plant – hahaha

Nowadays need to write the day&date to remind myself what day of the week&which month it is. Sometimes I even forget which movies I have watched, but as long as they are not horror or too much action. Do not remember when I last watched Gregory Peck&Audrey Hepburn where she won an Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in 1953 Roman Holiday in B/W. Saw it on Youtube over the weekend after reading thru’ Oct2018 posting on the Rome trip.

Was pleasantly surprised that I found it quite delightful with the romantic scenes without the need to expose naked bodies&sex. Amazing by how just watching the body language and the expressions on their faces&speech could say so much, perhaps that is also why I like many of Colin Firth’s acting, especially The King’s Speech (2010). Saw that when it came out on the big-screen, will wait to watch it again to see if I am still like it that much.

Sat: pix is from exactly 5yrs ago today – hopefully #1 will still visit and play fetch with Zuno after she moves out. Will probably be missing her High School Graduation next month in SC/USA, just cannot imagine having a grandchild in college this fall. Seems like yesterday that her parents graduated high school. Here is #5 (what a sweet little bro) making a poster and in the meanwhile, am looking forward to seeing pix&video+the live-streaming event (when I figure out how to do that!).

Sun: Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers this 10May2020 from SIN. To niece&her hubby Pat Lynn&David, grandniece&nephew Beth&Lucas, these yummy home-baked cookies with the hand-written wishes are much appreciated with thanks. Pix from 6yrs ago in SC/USA with mothers – 1st&2nd-born and perhaps future mothers – #1,2&4. Do not remember when I last spent a Mother’s Day on my own.

Mon:  tkx to Jerome Lim&The Long and Winding Road for the share of these pix from Magnolia Snack Bar at Capitol bringing back sweet memories of rich&yummy chocolate milk shakes&banana-splits from there. This was located just across the street from when I was in CHIJ (1962-65), and it was certainly a treat when I saved enough for a milk shake.

…true that language and forward movement in the cinema are jolly hard to reconcile. It’s a very, very, difficult thing to do. There is still a place in the cinema for movies that are driven by the human face, and not by explosions and cars and guns and action sequences – there’s such a thing as action and speed within thought rather than within a ceaseless milkshake of images – David Hare