Hair-Cut To See The World

30 Apr 2020 – ByeBye Apr 2020

Tue: appreciations to Sue for getting the heavy stuffs and delivering them and bro Les has offered to send me more wines when I run out (down to 4bottles, but then a bottle last me for 2weeks). Am so totally blessed&spoilt to have such considerate&kind family&friends. Should not need to do much grocery shopping now having enough food, disinfectants, laundry det, etc to last until mid-May. But will still be going across the road for my fruits&desserts which is good as VitD from the sunshine is also necessary.

It is usually dark when out for my for my usual walks in EC Pk to keep a balance for the body&mind. Trimmed&thinned out my hair (just the front where I can see) and must admit that I have not used this bone-comb since I got it 20yrs ago!

KK thinks that it must be a torture for me being on this Lockdown, but torture to me is when I am hooked up with tubes or in pain. This is just a delay and set-back for my annual travels to visit with families&friends, and this too shall pass. In the meanwhile enjoying good memories and having some fun with Travels Around The World in 10-Days Under Lockdown. In FB, there is only 1pix for each day. but here I have chosen 2, 1 for the view and the other for a quote in mind. If interested in more, the blog for that day is posted here too.

Continuing  with this challenge, nominated by cousin Yat-Soon for 10Days of favourite travel images. Every day I will choose an image from my travel photos that has had an impact on me, post without explanation and nominate somebody to take the challenge. 10travel photos, 10nominations, 0explanations – though I will say something about it the next day, for the curious. In the meantime feel free to guess!

Tue28Apr: Day2 – nominating Marianne Westmacott who will be admitted to the hospital for a shoulder surgery today – lykke til og god bedring. When in the champagne district near Etourvy, France 24Aug2012, bubbles are the only way to go. Thanks to Keith for his gracious hospitality in their beautiful converted farm-house.

Too much of anything is bad, but too much Champagne is just right – Mark Twain

Wed29Apr: Day3 – nominating GraceGoh who so bravely hiked with me near ChekKengVillage on this MacLehoseTrail Thru’Hike, HKG Mar2012. We did it this starting from Stage10-1 as I read that Stage10 was a disappointing end. Stay healthy&safe HKG FB friends – LokMan, Harry&Mel, Henrietta&Francis, Johnny, Richard, Miu&Suki, Jonas, Mao Mao Hkg, Monica and Martina.

There is more than what meets the eye and Still waters run deep

Thu30Apr: Day 4 – nominating Paul Krause. NorthYork Moors UKC2C Thur’Hike 8Aug 2013. Stay healthy&safe UK families&friends – Yats&Vickey+family, Yasmine&Andrew, Paul&family, KV&Christine+family, Lynne&family, VivienYap, Priscilla&family, Rosita&family, Dorothy&Malcom+family, DaftWalkers, Kay, Rosanne&family

I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud – Wordsworth No daffodils, but beautiful pink Heathers meadows which was a feast to the eyes

Around The World In 10 Days (Under Lockdown)

27 Apr 2020 – Food Glorious Food

Fri: morning 24Apr 2020 starts the Ramadan. To those who are celebrating&marking this festival, plx stay home to do your celebrations&worships – personally I think that if one is secure with whatever beliefs, faith, hopes, prayers, etc, there is no need to let anyone know as long as you know. Some might think that NO-one will know when you are out of line, for me I am SOME-one and I will always know, ie I answer&live by my own actions&conscious. Light pix from ArabSt 2017.

A walk thru’ the HDB estates to my visit to the MP Polyclinics. The path which I tripped&fell behind TaoNanSchool/TNS has this tree where I sometimes find red saga seeds from this Adenanthera pavonina tree. Today I see some of the pods on the ground but not one single seed in of out of the pods.

Nice with these colourful hibiscus in the TNS-backyard – crossing the overhead bridge across Still Rd with THS behind, Katong-CHIJprimary in the background across MP Rd and MPCC ahead.

Passing by the back of MPCC with this unusual tree and these lovely flowers by MarineDrive. A fast walk without distractions&sidetracking would take less than 10mins, but today in no hurry, strolling, smelling the roses&taking pix was the way to go today. Checked-up for follow-up after being hospitalized went smoothly and got some new inhalers for preventive use (consultation+3inhalers S$8 including subsidies).

Picked up some Popiah&ChickenRice at the MPfood-market which was rather empty with many stall closed. By now the sun was blazing hot and taking a bus back is the wiser choice. TGIF in all&every ways and what a lovely surprised! Returned to these 2 boxes at my gate – will be enjoying the best fresh organic salads over the weekend and the next week, thousand thanks to TingTing.

Sat: tkx to Aud for the lovely surprise this morning. 3hrs later steamed sweet potatoes&corn, GarlicStewedSpinach (recipe tkx to Cathrine), and Creamed-Butter-Sauteed-Portobello – all ready to freeze (tkx to Calvin for the freezer) for future complimentary side dishes to salmon&steak. 

Sun: Fun With CB-Period Foods, posted in FB – be a sport and play along with me, the winner will be in for a surprise! Create a fancy name for them. Food Glorious Food 

1 – Cooked Tiger prawn on a bed of SIN black carrot cake garnished with deseeded red chilly, spring-onions&coriander. 
2 – Chicken rice+cucumber, tomatoes, mini capsicums garnished with coriander.
3 – Pan-fried salmon+mashed potatoes, fresh organic rocket, beetcrest, mizuna garnished with spring-onions – served with lemon-dill sauce.
4 – Meat balls+mashed potatoes with cucumber, romaine-lettuce, capsicums – served with cranberries&creamed scallion sauce+a glass of 2011ChateauHautGrandChamp

Francis/HKG: 1 – Pawn porn                                                  
2 – Denmark Chics                                                                
3 – The Second Life of Cucumber                                          
4 – You Have Balls 

Lisa/HI,USA: 1 – Sea of Good Fortune Salad                                                
2 –  Phoenix of the Southern Ocean with dirty rice                                                             
3 –  King Triton’s Catch of the Day                                         
4 – Deconstructed A-MOO-zing Salad 

Alvin/SIN: 1 – สลัดกุ้งกุลาดำ Black shrimp salad
2 – Chicken Rice with Gas (Wear your mask)                                                               
3 – Wear Mask or Be Salmon                                        
4 – Get Your Dream Food Delivered‎ 

Cynthia/USA: 1 – Covid prawn salad 

Me : 1 – SIN Tiger Salad                                                  
2 – Hainanese Chic                                                               
3 – Neptune’s Aurora                                         
4 – Swedish Meatballs over the Rainbow

Mon: to Francis, Lisa, Alvin&Cynthia for being such good sports. Let me know when you are in SIN after the CB-Period and will make you one of these dishes. Now to the next challenge – can you tell that I am getting bored&restless, lol. 

Was nominated by cousin Yat-Soon to post my favourite travel images over 10days – an image from my travel photos that has had an impact on me, posting without explanation and nominate somebody to take the challenge. 10travel photos, 10nominations, 0explanations – will say something about it the next day for those interested. In the meantime feel free to comment.

Mon27Apr: Day1 – nominating Karen Scalf-Benham – whoever I nominate for the next 10days probably knows where these places are taken, so plx be a sport and not give it away. An attempt to go Around the World in 10days Under Lockdown – hahaha. 

Edited:  pix from the Southern Presidentials Appalachian Trail, NH/USA taken 10Aug2005 (before blogging&FBdays). Distance-TigerHugs to AT-fellow hikers – KarenScalfBenham/Wiggs, JohnWilson/MoFo, NancyLake/Pokeyhontas, LoriMarsh/Lizard, MaryCooper/Coops, ChuckJackson, TeriHanavan/Hopper, Blossom&ChristopherWidmer/Sawbuck, Judy&JohnBredenkamp/Gadget, AndyBrown, JimHailey/Allegheny, CleveWaterman, HollySteussy/RedRocket, BillWalker/SkyWalker, JoanneZhou. MargeryTowne/Honey+others not in FB.

COVID-19 Negative

23 Apr 2020 – Keeping The Positive Attitudes

Mon: Good Mon morning from SIN – the NEGATIVE result has never been so welcome in my life as it was last weekend! Some humour to start another week in the midst of this COVID-19 to keep any test results negative with positive attitudes.

Victor commented – cannot get through the HDB door! Answer – this one can, specially designed by me, just deflate the bottom part. This pix somehow triggered off this quote –  Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn. Those words applies to Gone with the Wind. But in this case, I do give a damn about the seriousness of the present situation and will try my best to live by the regulations here as I sincerely do believe that our SIN leaders are logical&sensible and are trying to do their best for their nation&ppl.

How can I thank cousin Karen enough for her absolutely delicious home-made Chinese Black Chicken Herbal Soup+fruits – most appreciative for her graciousness&kindness.

Being such a fan of soups, must get myself one of these cooker/steamers. Consuming black chicken will let you not only able to feel the WOW sensation but also get the beneficial effects to your body –

Tue: has it really been exactly 6yrs ago (2014) since I had my whole flock gathered? This must be the only pix I have of us all (11) together and when will it be in this life’s journey can we all be together again??

SIN PM (glad to see that he does have shirt&tie in the another colour than just pink!) spoke today and Circuit Breaker/CB period is extended till 1Jun – SIN is vigilant with the tracking&testing. The number of cases here are the highest (9,000+) in SE Asia mainly due to the tight-accommodations for the foreign workers. So far the fatalities are at 11 at present. When all this is over, hopefully our foreign workers (1+mil) will have decent living&working conditions, be better educated&informed so that they can help themselves to a healthy life. 2pix downloaded

CB : 7Apr till 4May
Safe Distancing : 27Mar
Beaches Closed : 11Apr
Mandatory mask wear : 15Apr
CB Extension : Till 1Jun (announced 21Apr)
Entry to specific 4major market using last digit of ID : Odd number on odd days, even number on even days

Wed: Good Wed 22Apr 2020 EARTH DAY (50thAnniversary) morning from SIN where the CB has been extended until 1Jun.

PLEASE STAY HOME&follow the regulations to help with preventing&stopping more COVID-19 cases from spreading.

To mark Earth Day, took out my seed collection to remind me of some of my trips&walks when&where I picked these, and now I finally have the time to create something out of them.

Something for Vday, Christmas+a Norwegian troll who has turned into stones in the daylight! If only all these viruses can also turn into stones in the daylight, I am sure I can survive without going out in the dark!!

Thu: isn’t it bad enough with the present situation as it is without making it worse by turning this into political, etc? Can we just try and get thru’ this by lifting and supporting each other with compassion&positive vibes so that we can pull thru’ this??

Four important life lessons that I learned from the migrant workers | Raj Singh | TEDxNTU – listening to this TEDx talk got me completely down, not that I was not aware of all these happenings or whatever is happening around, on the contrary very aware and updated with world news (sometimes TMI can be more harmful), but its the feeling of helplessness that got me into tears all night. Need to focus on happy thoughts or I will go insane. 

COVID-19 Test

19 Apr 2020 – Still Alive And Kicking

Wed: what a way to start a hump-day! Woke up with a runny nose. What I post on FB usually gives away my mood for those who know me! It is also a way to let my family&friends who are concern that I live alone that I am still alive&kicking. Recently the hours, days, weeks&months somehow seem to mash together and this morning, was even wondering if it is a Sunday? Thus, must write here to remind myself what day it is today.

Q: How do you know that Monopoly is an old game?
A: The rich people can go to jail- hahaha
A healthy&safe Hump-Day to all.


Comment from Alvin Mark Tan: It does feel like a game of Monopoly… collect $600. Pay $300 fine. Go to jail – someone who understands and can play along this game with me, tkx Alvin.

Linn&Jeff’s+me – support of their first-born and my #1 grandchild
Katy, senior Class of 2020 Irmo High School, SC/USA (to be edited w pix).
Proud of her and the very best to her future life journey.
LHHS FL/USA Class of 1993. Alexandra School&College, Dublin, Ireland 1967

Thu: 2020.04.16 Wow… Exactly 10 YEARS AGO TODAY and NOW – yes, I’ve dug up and put on the same clothes AND glasses as the ones I wore in the old pic and took this new one today with Amy wearing… errr… a different but similar looking T-Shirt… no?! Aw U cheated. From Richard Yung

Tkx for the fun Richard, made my day. Unlike Richard, I am hopeless with selfies and all these high tech stuff – a 10yrs old T-shirt is history to me, probably used as a rag over the years. Told him that he could have just colour my hair in the 10yrs ago pix!

Still coughing and feeling short of breath with normal temps, but this time round had the runs and felt dizzy. With my pre-existing conditions+age and living alone, its time to pay a visit to the doctor@MP Polyclinics by cab S$6. Those who know me also know that I usually travel by bus or walk unless really not feeling up to it. Pix downloaded

Due to the present circumstances, was admitted to SIN GeneralHospital/SGH A&E. Hooked with an intravenous 100mil antibiotics, blood tests, X-ray done with OK results, had to stay the night. A long night after transferring to the ward – due to another stronger inhaler which triggered the heart to beat faster (one of the side-effects), and with the short of breath+the heart pumping like there was no tomorrow, the balance of more heart medication+stopping the use of the inhaler pulled me thru’ this night. Pix downloaded.

Fri: COVID-19 swab done and I must admit that it must be one of the most uncomfortable swabs I have ever experienced. The swab is placed as far down the throat and that really makes you feel like gagging&puking and then another swab up the nose to as far as it can reach. Not quite the normal TGIF but no complains. Edited: to quote my medical dr s-i-l those swabs feel like they are going through your entire head! 

So far am impressed with our healthcare-workers and the SGH facilities (1st time warded@SGH). 5ppl room with 3ppl (including myself)@Block7 Ward76 Room25 Bed6 – was amazed that the bed also works as a weighing machine and gives your weight.

Sat: another swab as these are the regulations – 2 swabs have to be done and both have to be negative before they will discharge me, better save than sorry. 3wholesome decent tasting meals, here showing how bored I am when I can return the tray with orange-peels like this – lol

2days being stuck not only in this room, but with needles 6times (blood tests) and a beeper attached so that you can be detected (as it is, not even allowed out of the ward). Due to the 942 (the highest so far) COVID-19 positive cases tested today in SIN, my results were not back until 1900hrs. The taxi driver mistook me for telling him to take me to MarineCrescent and drove towards MeiLingSt. It was dark and not familiar with the new exits from SGH, thus not realizing until we got to the lights near IKEA. He was polite enough to apologize – we all need some kindness&patience, so I tipped him, even though he did reset the meter after heading towards the correct direction.

Supply of inhalers+cough mixture, etc prescribed. Knowing asthmatic coughs can last anything from 2-8weeks, but not knowing if COVID-19 is playing a part here would not justify myself to go out to even get my essentials. Now it is a relief, but will still remain indoors and out only for essentials.

Sun: after a decent night sleep in my own bed and some time to reflect on the past 2days, feeling even more grateful&appreciative – has been quite an experience and an eye-opener being in this hospital. Drama in the ward: a male patient trying to run away and when not trying to run away was shouting on top of his voice and another one in my room had to be restrained as she could be violent, also shouting – our healthcare workers must be saints! Thank goodness for the TV with headphones in the hospital-room, did not have my laptop with me and survived!!

A salute to all Frontliners, Healthcare workers with special thanks to MP Polyclinics, SGH A&E+Ward 76. Hospitals – the only place where the word ++Positive++ means a bad thing 

Easter Weekend 2020

14 Apr 2020 – Active Aging

Sat: the playground&common areas downstairs are all roped-up to make sure that ppl do not gather around;

the neighbourhood is nice&quiet as I collect my free reusable mask@the RC downstairs (the only one there, no lines!), and took a slow stroll across the road.

SIN 1st BengawanSolo Cake-Shop (1979 B/W pix credits to JeromeLim’s blog The Long And Winding Road) is just across the road from me with only 1other customer in the shop. One of my favourite cookies to cheer the Easter weekend up

Do feel blessed living here as it is well maintained,

but unfortunately somehow some ppl are either ignorant of just unable to read to take instructions. Here is another eg, just only about 2weeks ago, I mentioned that a bicycle was finally removed (1st feed-back mailed in 2017) on the staircase and this notice was up on the notice board after it was removed. Today, what do I see on the staircase – time to write to the MPTC again next week, need to nip it at the bud before more things keep piling up.

Sun: Happy Easter Sunday from SIN to those marking the day and to all – stay healthy&safe and STAY HOME. Took a whole day to find appropriate Easter motives pix to share; here is a blast from past Easters in Norway (skiing trips like this pix with perfect conditions in N Norway were some of the best Easters I can remember) & USA.

Some precious today shots from The FaBulous5+their parents in the US, tkx to Linn. Camera-shy in Norway!

No more swimming for now, but can still walk and hopefully will be able to keep walking and can still hang the portable hammock and use my chair+table (a belated 70thGift to myself) outside the 4walls without anyone around (would NOT be out there if there were anyone) for fresh-air – all easily packed back behind the 4walls after the use of them.

Mon: an early walk ended with food shopping (S$9)  Some neighbourhood food stalls still remain open, but strictly for takeaway DaBao only (all eateries in SIN serve only takeaway for now), yummy MeePok breakfast+coffee (S$6). To save our environment, plx remember to bring along your own clean containers.

Tue: have not been out of SIN since I returned 1Nov 2019 (5+months ago, record since I stopped working), to a movie since mid Jan and on a bus, MRT, cab or any other cars since nearly 3weeks ago. Thank goodness everything I need are within walking distance and good to know when to avoid the crowds, but that I have learnt to do for most of my life. When FB flashed back a memory from 8yrs ago today made me feel so blessed to have so far lived an active life. No complains for not being so active (physically) for now as this too shall pass, but will try hard to keep the mind&memory active.

Active aging requires us to go on living life to the full no matter how differently – Joan Chittester

Sleepless In SIN

10 Apr 2020 –  Blame it on the Full-Moon

Tue: looks like most ppl are staying home as instructed except for these pigeons, which are being a nuisance and causing unhygienic environment. But what can you do with ignorant ppl who keep feeding them?

Have no complains about our MP or RC, they have always taken care of the feed-backs whenever I had any It’s the ignorant ppl who do not read or listen to what is best for them – like now, we all have to take the consequences and I cannot even go and enjoy a meal with my family or friends.

Both thermometers are not functioning, bought a new one to be sure that my temp is OK, so let’s hope that the temp will remain under and does not go over 98.6°F/37°C for as long as there is life in this body…

TODAY highlights some of the dos and don’ts under these new laws. 

Q: May I meet someone at a park for a walk or to exercise? I like walking on my own

Not unless they are living with you. While you may exercise at any open-air stadium, public path or public park, you may only do so alone or with someone who lives with you. 

Activities that may attract like-minded participants are not allowed. These include fishing, flying kites, windsurfing and skateboarding for leisure. 

Q: I need to visit my elderly parents to look after them and drop my child off at a relative’s house to be cared for while I work. Am I still allowed to do so? NA to me

Yes, you may still visit family members to help them with their daily needs including caring for elderly parents or for childcare arrangements.

You may also leave your home to help individuals with their daily needs as long as they fall within these criteria: They have a physical or mental disability or are below 12 years of age or above 60.

Q: May a friend or relative help me to move to another house? No intentions of moving

No. While moving services are allowed to continue, you may not physically meet a friend or relative for this reason. 

Q: Are my children allowed to visit playgrounds or play in common spaces near my home, including void decks or a grass patch in a condominium? NA to me

No. You cannot use sports or recreational facilities in a shared area inside a sub-divided building even if you live there. Any sports facilities in public spaces are off-limits as well. 

You are also not allowed to use common areas such as void decks or shared facilities in Housing and Development Board estates as well as condominiums even if you live there. 

Q: Can my part-time cleaner or private tutor still come to my home? Do not have either

No. All private tutors must suspend lessons and tuition centres must stop all physical group sessions. They may, however, continue to conduct their lessons online.

Likewise, all home-cleaning services are suspended.

Q: May I still get a haircut? Will get a hair-cut when the hair gets in my way

Yes. Basic haircut services such as cutting, washing and blowing of hair are permitted, but must be kept to one hour or less. You cannot, however, colour or perm your hair, or treat it with chemicals.

Similarly, all nail salons and massage parlours will be closed. 

Q: Will I be able to order items online and have them delivered and set up in my home? No intentions of doing that

Yes. Delivery services are still running and delivery employees are allowed to assist with setting up furniture or IT-related products in your home. 

But they must maintain a safe distance of 1m from all occupants of the house, minimise contact and interaction, and leave immediately after completing their work. Companies must also ensure that the number of staff involved in delivery or installation is kept to the minimum.

Q: May I visit my boyfriend, girlfriend, fiance or fiancee, or my sibling who lives nearby? No intentions of doing that

No. Any social contact is strictly limited to those living within your household.

Q: May I eat by myself in a void deck or other public areas? No intentions of doing that

No, you cannot loiter or eat in a public area even if you are by yourself. 

Q: What are the penalties for non-compliance?

Anyone who flouts these restrictions will be subject to penalties under the Infectious Diseases Act. 

A first-time offender can be fined up to S$10,000 and jailed up to six months.

Repeat offenders may be fined up to S$20,000, jailed up to 12 months, or punished with both.

Wed: 2200hrs, beautiful full-moon, but does it really effects sleep or just physiological?? The lunar cycle seems to influence human sleep, even when one does not see the Moon and is not aware of the actual moon phase.

Thu: an earlier morning walk than usual and this was what I observed&noticed – more ppl walking, (usually I might cross path with 1or2, but today I counted 8), some young generation in a group making more noise than normal, no more boom-box blasting out music for the older generation groups of TaiChi or QiGong.

Regular coffee stall&ChaiTowKway for my take-away. This handful of herbs cost S$6 today, which should have been S$4 in normal times. – have to use herbs sparingly instead of abundantly nowadays!

Appreciations to these young volunteers for their good job by checking on and handing food&info leaflets to SIN Seniors. Being just one mouth to feed and still able to walk downstairs for my foods, thus passing on the food for those who may need it more.

Fri: Happy Good Friday to those marking the day. Have been watching a bunch of feel-good movies on Hallmark&Youtube. Just cannot get myself into a creative mood, working hard to fight the restless feelings as the COVID-19 cases raising sharply here. This too shall pass…

The timeless in you is aware of life’s timelessness. And knows that yesterday is but today’s memory and tomorrow is today’s dream – remembering Kahlil Gibran who died on this day in 1931, wrote The Prophet, one of the few books I keep close to me.

Circuit Breaker

6 Apr 2020 – Stay Home To Avoid A Short Circuit

Thu: tkx to nephew Jay for the info regarding this form. Need 2 witnesses and it will be out in the mail next week after informing L&M. When I go, hopefully it will be fast and as little pain as I can bear, and also hopefully in a SIN hospital. In that way whatever I have signed now will go into effect and there will be no expenses to wake, funeral, etc which I have always thought to be a waste of money&time. 

Fri: TGIF – tkx to Calvin/CC for the loan of a freezer and frozen foods from IKEA for a decent balance-meal (greens&fruits from the local market). With Mustafa-Centre now one of the new COVID-19 clusters, frozen gravlaks is better than none!

Sat: today 4Apr 2020, is the ChingMing Festival 清明节Tomb-Sweeping Day. Plx be safe, pay your respects&tributes online. Your ancestors will understand as they do not want you with them yet! Just heard over the news that you can buy paper breathing ventilator (US$100) to burn for your offerings!!! (for real). What next??? My parents will haunt me if I burnt any of these paper offerings to them, have been told before they passed on that they do not believe or practice any of these rituals. Paternal grandmother did and was allowed to participate and watch, fun memories of all those festivities from childhood.

Tkx for dinner&signatures from Clem&AudreyW. It will be a while when we can gather again for a get together.

After the speech from our PM, will be following the latest guidelines for the Circuit Breaker period. An interesting way to put it, but will be staying home and drinking whatever I need to learn a new language for every sip! Hopefully will be able to stay in the pink to pull thru’ without being Short Circuit – not trying to be sarcastic, but just keeping myself amuse with words. If you saw the speech, you’ll know what I mean. 

From 7Apr-4May 2020

  1. Stay at home. Only go out if necessary, such as to buy daily necessities or for urgent medical needs
  2. Do not hold social gatherings during this period
  3. Limit social contact to immediate family members
  4. If you need to exercise outdoors in a park, keep a safe distance from others

Sun: Happy Palm Sunday to those celebrating or marking the day.

Whatever you do, where ever you are, just stay healthy&be safe during this Circuit Breaker period, now the latest SIN idiom to stay home! Spending time to make food I like and to update the FB LAM TInYue Heritage Post. Tks to the family for feed-backs, pix etc. Appreciations to Clem for his help to discover a web-site from some other LIN/LAM-clan where our Ancestors’ Hall could be seen. Will update when I find out more, very excited to discover this..

Mon: must have been watching too much Sci-Fi movies to create this poster! Even ET can only phone home if he gets stranded again.

Hello April 2020

1 Apr 2020 – No Fooling Around With COVID-19

Sat: glad that I was at the local branch (MarineParade) post office yesterday and not the main branch. Today’s news was where the new cluster was reported@the main branch. This is getting too close to home, will have to let Norway&US family know that no more care-packages until the situation is better.

Only discovered SIN main PostOffice recently in Dec 2019 – misleading and strange have a building name Singpost which is actually a mall with the post office in a a tiny section far back in the corner on L1. Pix&map downloaded.

Sun: comment from Hazel – I was wondering how you managed, Amy. Can’t imagine living in a huge city just now. We are in Ballycotton and get food deliveries. And walk on country roads- the cliff walk is closed – too narrow. 

To give her an idea what city-living is like here in SIN – avoid peak&rush hour if I have to take public transport. Morning walk&swim (not on weekends, live less than 5mins walk to the coast) before sunrise, might see a couple of ppl or none – usually none, but I like it that way. The best way to start my day.

It is just only a matter of 2mins by taking the elevator or 7flights of stairs down, crossing the road to the local provision stores (know as Mama-stores here) where I can get everything I need there.

If lazy to cook, another few steps from these stores to the next corner gives me the choice of all these dishes, eg 2veg, 1meat+rice S$3.30. S$15 for Sun morning-coffee, sardine-lunch, dinner+dessert, tonic for a gin-nightcap and ice-cream for the week. This is not the most healthy diet, but weekend indulgence for a balance!

Mon: this bicycle has been here since 2017 when I wrote a feedback to MPTC. They slapped it with a warning sticker that it will be removed then, but did not follow-up with their warning. Over the years, a box was added next to the bicycle (forgot to take pix). Nov2019, was personally at MPTC to book and put a deposit for the use of the common area and reminded them about this. Today someone finally knocked on my door and asked if I am the owner of the bicycle. Case closed and finally the common area looks like how it should – better late than never!

Getting another free update, this time a digital TV HD Set-Up.  Was aware that I was getting this update, thus did not bother me too much having the TV on with just volume but no image to keep up with the news, now can also see what is going on too, not sure if it is for the best!!

Getting overwhelmed with all the COVID-19 news. Checking out a few movies on Netflix, finding the feel good movies, not only social-distancing but also negative-distancing to get thru’ these turbulence times. Concentrating on good memories and positive thoughts. Tkx to Wiggs/AT Karen for recommending these, had a bad attack of asthmatic cough the past few nights and then remembered that I bought these when we were in CHS last year – really helped me to sleep thru’ last night. 

Tue: Happy 83rd Bday to sis Jo, no celebrations this year to avoid any gatherings. Throwbacks from 2011, 2014&2018 when the hair was still being coloured in 2011, glad that stage is over and now more or less all naturally white. Otherwise not much change in these pix for the GG&OG over the years except for the PG who are growing up fast.

Wed: All Fools’ Day, but this year no fooling around, even Google is skipping its pranks due to COVID-19

11160278_10153168718117521_2054622894_n - Copy

Pix credits to Leonard taken Apr2015 in Brunei – Take care of your Body, it’s the only Place you have to Live in. You did not realize how anti-social you are until there is a pandemic, and your life does not really change – saw these 2 quotes somewhere and so appropriate for&to me!

Talk like Doraemon Malaysian ministry issues tips for wives during COVID-19 movement control order, and I thought that I was either dreaming? or was that a bad April Fools’ joke?? Where do they get ministers like these???

Just one of those moods to spike my vitamin C with an umbrella to end this All Fools’ Day without the Fool On the Hill but with The Bucket List. So until tomorrow good night for now to those in my time-zone. If I continue this way, my family&friends might send me to the funny-farm in a straight-jacket!

2 Apr – Happy Bday MarianneH
4 Apr – Happy Bday RichardY
8 Apr – Happy Bday TorillW
12 Apr – Happy Bday PeggyT
15 Apr – Happy Bdays LynneO & AileenK
17 Apr – Happy Bdays AnneS, SharonK & Sarah
22 Apr – Happy Bday Ike
29 Apr – Happy Bday Stanley