Hair-Cut To See The World

30 Apr 2020 – ByeBye Apr 2020

Tue: appreciations to Sue for getting the heavy stuffs and delivering them and bro Les has offered to send me more wines when I run out (down to 4bottles, but then a bottle last me for 2weeks). Am so totally blessed&spoilt to have such considerate&kind family&friends. Should not need to do much grocery shopping now having enough food, disinfectants, laundry det, etc to last until mid-May. But will still be going across the road for my fruits&desserts which is good as VitD from the sunshine is also necessary.

It is usually dark when out for my for my usual walks in EC Pk to keep a balance for the body&mind. Trimmed&thinned out my hair (just the front where I can see) and must admit that I have not used this bone-comb since I got it 20yrs ago!

KK thinks that it must be a torture for me being on this Lockdown, but torture to me is when I am hooked up with tubes or in pain. This is just a delay and set-back for my annual travels to visit with families&friends, and this too shall pass. In the meanwhile enjoying good memories and having some fun with Travels Around The World in 10-Days Under Lockdown. In FB, there is only 1pix for each day. but here I have chosen 2, 1 for the view and the other for a quote in mind. If interested in more, the blog for that day is posted here too.

Continuing  with this challenge, nominated by cousin Yat-Soon for 10Days of favourite travel images. Every day I will choose an image from my travel photos that has had an impact on me, post without explanation and nominate somebody to take the challenge. 10travel photos, 10nominations, 0explanations – though I will say something about it the next day, for the curious. In the meantime feel free to guess!

Tue28Apr: Day2 – nominating Marianne Westmacott who will be admitted to the hospital for a shoulder surgery today – lykke til og god bedring. When in the champagne district near Etourvy, France 24Aug2012, bubbles are the only way to go. Thanks to Keith for his gracious hospitality in their beautiful converted farm-house.

Too much of anything is bad, but too much Champagne is just right – Mark Twain

Wed29Apr: Day3 – nominating GraceGoh who so bravely hiked with me near ChekKengVillage on this MacLehoseTrail Thru’Hike, HKG Mar2012. We did it this starting from Stage10-1 as I read that Stage10 was a disappointing end. Stay healthy&safe HKG FB friends – LokMan, Harry&Mel, Henrietta&Francis, Johnny, Richard, Miu&Suki, Jonas, Mao Mao Hkg, Monica and Martina.

There is more than what meets the eye and Still waters run deep

Thu30Apr: Day 4 – nominating Paul Krause. NorthYork Moors UKC2C Thur’Hike 8Aug 2013. Stay healthy&safe UK families&friends – Yats&Vickey+family, Yasmine&Andrew, Paul&family, KV&Christine+family, Lynne&family, VivienYap, Priscilla&family, Rosita&family, Dorothy&Malcom+family, DaftWalkers, Kay, Rosanne&family

I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud – Wordsworth No daffodils, but beautiful pink Heathers meadows which was a feast to the eyes