MacLehose Trail/Day 5

11 Mar 2012 – Sections 2 & 1

Tue 6 Mar:  0630hrs bus & cab to Pak Tam Au M049. Hiking thru’ urban jungle on ups and downs hard concrete. Rather welcoming after days of wet, slippery muddy paths! 

Passing the empty village of Chek Keng, mysteriously beautiful in the mist. Stopping to make use of an avant garde designed toilet M043. Passed by two tents and a sleeping body in a sleeping bag outside the tent!

No views from the two pavilions M023 & M025, unlike the last hike with Harry, exposed and sunny! Pleasant along Tai Long and Sai Wan enjoying a bowl of dau-fu-fa/soya bean curd with a Swiss fellow hiker. Continuing to Long Ke Wan, lovely picnic and camping area M020, by a drug rehab centre. Uphill towards the main dam.

The final Section 1 M020 is along the Highland Reservoir, a hard 10km on surface road taking us 2hrs. Must be tired and not focus. Fell on my face but thank goodness on soft grounds topped with dead leaf. Can understand why Harry wanted to take the cab last year thru’ this section to start our hike from Section 2. Was quite done with this section after a quick shot.

Ran (no joke) for the bus which brought us to Sai Kung and from there another bus to the MTR. Noticed that other passengers did not sit next to us 🙂

Tue 5 Mar Day 5: 0630hrs from LMHV. On Trail 0645hrs. Bus 1700hrs
24.5km/15.3mi. Sections 2 & 1. M048-M001

Thu3Jun2021: edited by choosing the best video for me to reflect&remember this hike. Appreciations to Torbjørn’s Once Upon A Saga:

To get through the hardest journey we need take only one step at a time, but we must keep on stepping – Chinese Proverb

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