MacLehose Trail/Days 3 & 4

10 Mar 2012 – Sections 6, 5 and parts of 4

Sun 4 Mar: 0600hrs MTR to Sham Shui Po and cab back to Tai Po Rd. Ascended from Lion Rock Country Park M115 and this location was infested by monkeys. Graceful Grace took the lead and we were safely back on to the no-monkey-trail! Taking a short break in a wooden shelter.

Another misty day like yesterday with no view@Beacon Hill. Nearly mid-point + high point! a cafe serving noodles and a pix of Chow Yuen Fatt@Shatin Pass M101. A bowl of hot noodle hits the spot and continuing uphill to the mid-point M100.

Ups & downs muddy and slippery paths whole afternoon. Concentrating on every step. Planning to do 23km today, but hiking in these conditions and in the dark is too risky. Instead of hiking to Kei Ling Ha M069, decided to hike down from the deserted Mau Ping Village M085 to Pak Kong. Got a cab HK$70 to Lady MacLehose Holiday Village LMHV/HK$20 per night for senior and HK$21 dinner with 5 dishes. A wise and good decision 🙂

Sun 4 Mar Day 3: 0600 from Tsim Sha Tsui . Trail 0700hrs. Cab 1700hrs
15km/9.3mi. Sections 6, 5 and parts of 4 M115-M085

Do not stand in a place of danger trusting in miracles – Arabic Proverb

Sections 4 & 3

Mon 5 Mar:  0630hrs bus & cab to Pak Kong, hiked up back to the deserted Mau Ping Village M085. Continued to Ma On Shan 702m/2,303ft and down hard surface road to Kei Ling Ha where toilets and a welcoming vending machine are located. Muddy, misty, slippery and time-consuming hike.

More ups and downs in the mist, Kai Kung Shan 399m 1,309ft, Lui Ta Shek 379m 1,243ft, Ngau Yee Shek Shan. Due to time and conditions, did not stop or take pix as again did not wish to hike in the dark. Wanted to get in to a warm dinner and hot shower back at LMHV!

Even with all the climbing, today’s hike was yet another limited view day, but better misty than too hot. It was one of those days having to concentrate and focusing on every step. Well like everything in life, the ups and downs have to be experienced and that too shall pass 🙂

Mon 5 Mar Day 4:  0630hrs from LMHV.  Trail 0700hrs. Cab 1800hrs.
15km/9.3mi. Sections 4 & 3 M085-M045

The brain has muscles for thinking as the legs have muscles for walking – Julien Offroy de La Mettire

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