MacLehose Trail/Day 2

9 Mar 2012 – Sections 8, 7 and parts of 6

Sat 3 Mar: started later thinking that it was a 14km day, later to discover it should be 17km. Up up up to Tai Mo Shan 957m 3,140ft (Big Hat Mt). Mispronounced that slightly and it will be Big Misty Mt! Some photographers were waiting for the weather to clear but unfortunately for them, no such luck. Showed them the sunset pix, best shots in this hike ie can say so now that the hike is completed 🙂

Continued on hard surface road. Met LokMan & his pal- both fit, handsome young men on their bicycles. Nice to chat and exchanged contacts. Above pix credits to him. Grace’s friend Ben joined us here.

Pass M143 

Misty and treacherous ups & downs Grassy/647m 2,123ft & Needle Hills/532m 1,745ft M130. Knees are aching. Down to road where the Wilson Trail crosses@Pineapple Dam.

A monkey grabbed my ice-cream cone@Shing Mun Country Park M125 🙁

M123 Pilboxes and trenches from war days. Towards Golden Hill Rd and down to Tai Po Rd M115. Grace messaged to warn about the monkeys. Got her to pick me in a cab at that stretch. No other hikers – was totally alone and this human does not deal, get involved or near monkey business! 14km as originally calculated is correct for me. Cab 2-3km from Monkey Alley to main road!

Took another cab from the main road connecting with the MTR for accommodations@New Peking Guest House/Tsim Sha Tsui. HK$210pp

Sat 3 Mar Day 2: started 0800 from hostel. Trail 0815hrs. Cab 1700hrs
17km/10.6mi. Sections 8, 7 and parts of 6 M143-M115

If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys – James Goldsmith

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