Around The World In 10 Days (Under Lockdown)

27 Apr 2020 – Food Glorious Food

Fri: morning 24Apr 2020 starts the Ramadan. To those who are celebrating&marking this festival, plx stay home to do your celebrations&worships – personally I think that if one is secure with whatever beliefs, faith, hopes, prayers, etc, there is no need to let anyone know as long as you know. Some might think that NO-one will know when you are out of line, for me I am SOME-one and I will always know, ie I answer&live by my own actions&conscious. Light pix from ArabSt 2017.

A walk thru’ the HDB estates to my visit to the MP Polyclinics. The path which I tripped&fell behind TaoNanSchool/TNS has this tree where I sometimes find red saga seeds from this Adenanthera pavonina tree. Today I see some of the pods on the ground but not one single seed in of out of the pods.

Nice with these colourful hibiscus in the TNS-backyard – crossing the overhead bridge across Still Rd with THS behind, Katong-CHIJprimary in the background across MP Rd and MPCC ahead.

Passing by the back of MPCC with this unusual tree and these lovely flowers by MarineDrive. A fast walk without distractions&sidetracking would take less than 10mins, but today in no hurry, strolling, smelling the roses&taking pix was the way to go today. Checked-up for follow-up after being hospitalized went smoothly and got some new inhalers for preventive use (consultation+3inhalers S$8 including subsidies).

Picked up some Popiah&ChickenRice at the MPfood-market which was rather empty with many stall closed. By now the sun was blazing hot and taking a bus back is the wiser choice. TGIF in all&every ways and what a lovely surprised! Returned to these 2 boxes at my gate – will be enjoying the best fresh organic salads over the weekend and the next week, thousand thanks to TingTing.

Sat: tkx to Aud for the lovely surprise this morning. 3hrs later steamed sweet potatoes&corn, GarlicStewedSpinach (recipe tkx to Cathrine), and Creamed-Butter-Sauteed-Portobello – all ready to freeze (tkx to Calvin for the freezer) for future complimentary side dishes to salmon&steak. 

Sun: Fun With CB-Period Foods, posted in FB – be a sport and play along with me, the winner will be in for a surprise! Create a fancy name for them. Food Glorious Food 

1 – Cooked Tiger prawn on a bed of SIN black carrot cake garnished with deseeded red chilly, spring-onions&coriander. 
2 – Chicken rice+cucumber, tomatoes, mini capsicums garnished with coriander.
3 – Pan-fried salmon+mashed potatoes, fresh organic rocket, beetcrest, mizuna garnished with spring-onions – served with lemon-dill sauce.
4 – Meat balls+mashed potatoes with cucumber, romaine-lettuce, capsicums – served with cranberries&creamed scallion sauce+a glass of 2011ChateauHautGrandChamp

Francis/HKG: 1 – Pawn porn                                                  
2 – Denmark Chics                                                                
3 – The Second Life of Cucumber                                          
4 – You Have Balls 

Lisa/HI,USA: 1 – Sea of Good Fortune Salad                                                
2 –  Phoenix of the Southern Ocean with dirty rice                                                             
3 –  King Triton’s Catch of the Day                                         
4 – Deconstructed A-MOO-zing Salad 

Alvin/SIN: 1 – สลัดกุ้งกุลาดำ Black shrimp salad
2 – Chicken Rice with Gas (Wear your mask)                                                               
3 – Wear Mask or Be Salmon                                        
4 – Get Your Dream Food Delivered‎ 

Cynthia/USA: 1 – Covid prawn salad 

Me : 1 – SIN Tiger Salad                                                  
2 – Hainanese Chic                                                               
3 – Neptune’s Aurora                                         
4 – Swedish Meatballs over the Rainbow

Mon: to Francis, Lisa, Alvin&Cynthia for being such good sports. Let me know when you are in SIN after the CB-Period and will make you one of these dishes. Now to the next challenge – can you tell that I am getting bored&restless, lol. 

Was nominated by cousin Yat-Soon to post my favourite travel images over 10days – an image from my travel photos that has had an impact on me, posting without explanation and nominate somebody to take the challenge. 10travel photos, 10nominations, 0explanations – will say something about it the next day for those interested. In the meantime feel free to comment.

Mon27Apr: Day1 – nominating Karen Scalf-Benham – whoever I nominate for the next 10days probably knows where these places are taken, so plx be a sport and not give it away. An attempt to go Around the World in 10days Under Lockdown – hahaha. 

Edited:  pix from the Southern Presidentials Appalachian Trail, NH/USA taken 10Aug2005 (before blogging&FBdays). Distance-TigerHugs to AT-fellow hikers – KarenScalfBenham/Wiggs, JohnWilson/MoFo, NancyLake/Pokeyhontas, LoriMarsh/Lizard, MaryCooper/Coops, ChuckJackson, TeriHanavan/Hopper, Blossom&ChristopherWidmer/Sawbuck, Judy&JohnBredenkamp/Gadget, AndyBrown, JimHailey/Allegheny, CleveWaterman, HollySteussy/RedRocket, BillWalker/SkyWalker, JoanneZhou. MargeryTowne/Honey+others not in FB.