Circuit Breaker

6 Apr 2020 – Stay Home To Avoid A Short Circuit

Thu: tkx to nephew Jay for the info regarding this form. Need 2 witnesses and it will be out in the mail next week after informing L&M. When I go, hopefully it will be fast and as little pain as I can bear, and also hopefully in a SIN hospital. In that way whatever I have signed now will go into effect and there will be no expenses to wake, funeral, etc which I have always thought to be a waste of money&time. 

Fri: TGIF – tkx to Calvin/CC for the loan of a freezer and frozen foods from IKEA for a decent balance-meal (greens&fruits from the local market). With Mustafa-Centre now one of the new COVID-19 clusters, frozen gravlaks is better than none!

Sat: today 4Apr 2020, is the ChingMing Festival 清明节Tomb-Sweeping Day. Plx be safe, pay your respects&tributes online. Your ancestors will understand as they do not want you with them yet! Just heard over the news that you can buy paper breathing ventilator (US$100) to burn for your offerings!!! (for real). What next??? My parents will haunt me if I burnt any of these paper offerings to them, have been told before they passed on that they do not believe or practice any of these rituals. Paternal grandmother did and was allowed to participate and watch, fun memories of all those festivities from childhood.

Tkx for dinner&signatures from Clem&AudreyW. It will be a while when we can gather again for a get together.

After the speech from our PM, will be following the latest guidelines for the Circuit Breaker period. An interesting way to put it, but will be staying home and drinking whatever I need to learn a new language for every sip! Hopefully will be able to stay in the pink to pull thru’ without being Short Circuit – not trying to be sarcastic, but just keeping myself amuse with words. If you saw the speech, you’ll know what I mean. 

From 7Apr-4May 2020

  1. Stay at home. Only go out if necessary, such as to buy daily necessities or for urgent medical needs
  2. Do not hold social gatherings during this period
  3. Limit social contact to immediate family members
  4. If you need to exercise outdoors in a park, keep a safe distance from others

Sun: Happy Palm Sunday to those celebrating or marking the day.

Whatever you do, where ever you are, just stay healthy&be safe during this Circuit Breaker period, now the latest SIN idiom to stay home! Spending time to make food I like and to update the FB LAM TInYue Heritage Post. Tks to the family for feed-backs, pix etc. Appreciations to Clem for his help to discover a web-site from some other LIN/LAM-clan where our Ancestors’ Hall could be seen. Will update when I find out more, very excited to discover this..

Mon: must have been watching too much Sci-Fi movies to create this poster! Even ET can only phone home if he gets stranded again.