Days 13-14 UKc2c

9 Aug 2013 – North York Moors

Thu 8Aug 2013 – Day 13  Ingleby Cross – Clay Bank Top 11m/17.7km  0700-1700hrs!



Lovely day to hike leaving early to catch the light and go by the church. Walking thru’ Arncliffe Wood, relentlessly uphill on gravel road. Came to a sign to discover the Cleveland Way and took the wrong direction towards Osmotherly for a short distance, but lovely path with a beautiful tree. Met Phil who took me that I am going in the wrong direction. Back on track with the rays shinning on the path!


Skirting around Arnchiff Wood with glimpse of the road, passing by a Telecom, not what one wants to see! Saying goodbye to Jo&Robbie and Worceste at Scarth Wood Moor as they will be doing a 20+mi today.


After the ‘old wagon’ it was just up up up to Live Moor


And then down and up again to Carlton Moor, down and


then up up up again, taking a break at Alec Falconer Memorial /Gringle Moor, chatting with Cheryl&Richard and their dog Ziggy; Penny, Susan & their dog Maggie. Down again and…


up to Wain Stones. Dee&David from Peterborough, Mindy&Glenn from USA. What a roller-roaster hike today!

Clay Bank Top, called the B&B owners to pick me up, it was nearly 1700hrs. and the B&B is off the trail. Today’s hike was the toughest and not knowing how hard it was, took too much time with chatting and taking pix. Was told by Maltkiln House B&B owners, Wendy & Gerry that today’s hike is like going up and down the Eiffel Tower/Paris 5 times!! Learnt about monkey puzzle and jet from Gerry. Will edit this info when time permits for some research…


Night: Thu 8Aug at Maltkiln House, Urra. Room with attached bathroom. Sherry pre drink, dinner with wine + breakfast GBP51 S$100

Fri 9Aug 2013 – Day 14 Clay Bank Top – Blakey 11m/17.7km  0830-1300hrs!


Happy 48th Birthday Singapore!

Goodbye and good luck to Wendy&Gerry who is trying to sell Maltkiln House as they would like to move to the south of France to be nearer their youngest son&family. Thank you for a lovely stay and appreciations to Dorothy&Malcom for leading the way back to the path.


The c2c path takes off from the Cleveland Way on these moors with grouse butts and even a few grouse sightings.


Quite a contrast hike from yesterday, easy flat walking with the moors on the steeper side with the valleys below. About the same mileage as yesterday but took half the time!


Time to part ways with fellow hikers David, Dee, Ali and Uwe at The Lion Inn. Saw in FB that the Daft WellyWalker completed their hike this afternoon at Robin Hood’s Bay, way to go and congratulations to them.

Night: Fri 9Aug at The Lion Inn. Room with separate bathroom. Lunch, steak dinner w wine & dessert, packed lunch GBP81 S$158

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