Booming City of Toronto

17 Aug 2013 – Corktown Common

Toronto city is the largest city in Canada, area of 630sq km 240sq mi with a pop of 2,615,060 and that is only for the city excluding urban and metro. Was here Apr 2008 and again last year Sep 2012. One can certainly see that the construction here is ongoing and the roads and traffic seem to always be busy now compared to a few years ago. Also the PanAm games are scheduled here for 2015. Summer is in the air and the weather is perfect but could imagine what the winters can be like, not the time to visit for someone who does not like the cold and snow!


Just 5mins walk from cousin Yun’s is this new park to be Toronto’s waterfront signature in the West Don Lands. Interesting as to how the space under the highway (Don Valley Parkway ramp into downtown Toronto) is utilised with playgrounds and basketball nets for the younger generation.  The tagline, Forward Thinking is rather appealing to me as to me looking forward as been more or less how I like to live!



The views from the park are at present filled with construction cranes but the flowers planted there are pretty. The playground looks like a fun place for the kids.


10mins walk from Yun is Toronto’s hottest designer boutiques, unique cafes, artisan shops and restaurants at The Distillery District. An internationally acclaimed pedestrian-only village, The Distillery features more than 70 ground-floor cultural and retail establishments in the restored red brick, Victorian-era buildings of the renowned Gooderham & Worts whiskey distillery. Thanks for a pub dinner at Mill Street Pub cousin Chai. The new organic beer is good even for this non beer drinker 🙂


If only these beautiful Bergo Designs are not soooo expensive and heavy….


Met up with cousins from both paternal/LAM and maternal/TSANG sides of the family. So nice to meet for the first time cousin and spouse of another cousin; blessed to have all the cousins here in Toronto. Pix and info will be up in a post on its own. The quote below is one of the best for this life’s journey…

Never make your home a place. Make a home for yourself inside your own head. You’ll find what you need to furnish it – memory, friends you can trust, love of learning and other such things. That way it will go with you wherever you journey – Tad Williams