Hello Grandchildren

29 Aug 2013 – Happiness is Reunions with Loved Ones!



Tue: appreciations to May&Lock for all their gracious hospitality in Canada & the US. Hope that they will visit SIN in Nov. Safe & sound here in CAE/SC after 8+hours, 4 airports and two 1+hrs layovers at DTW&ATL. CIU-DTW (45mins flying time) DTW-ATL (1hr30mins) ATL-CAE (40mins). The consequences when flying from an airport with one convey or baggage claim belt to another airport with 3 conveyor baggage claim belts and using Skymiles!! US$5 for handling fees and US$25 for check-in luggage.

CAE-airport with rocking chairs (pix taken some years ago and looks exactly the same today) for grandmothers…. 🙂 Tkx to Linn for meeting me at the airport and by the time we pull into the garage it was way pass 21hrs. Katy and Ellie were still awake to give me the long awaited hugs. CAE/SC USA is another place over-blogged, being here yearly since 2004.



Wed: got the hugs from Sophie and James early morning. Happy to see them all and growing so fast. Only one diaper kid, the 2yrs baby James! Ellie & John were telling me about their art class and Dale Chihuly was mentioned. Sophie who was drawing beside her siblings said ‘I don’t know what y’all are talking about’. Decided to google and show her some of Chihuly’s work and glad to hear the wows as he is also one of my favourite glass artists. Took a trip specially to Seattle WA some years ago to see some of his works.


Katy came home from tennis all red and hot. Tying to get them all together to take a family pix during weekdays is as easy as catching a fly with a pair of chopsticks, but with at least a month here, the opportunity will be there. In the meanwhile this download from Linn’s Jul album will have to do until another posting 🙂 🙂

Right kneel was giving some problems, conclusion Gluscosamine does help! Stopped taking them after the hike to give the body a break, so now will get back on them to see the results by next week!

When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses – Joyce Brothers