Robin Hood’s Bay

12 Aug 2013 – After 16 days of Walking…


Robin Hood’s Bay is a small fishing village and a bay located within the North York Moors National Park, 5mi S of Whitby and 15mi N of Scarborough on the coast of North Yorkshire. Early history about pirates and smuggling seem to be part of it…’s_Bay 

Mon: took an easy day to explore RHB which is quite delightful on a Mon morning without the crowds. A nice morning walk out to the low-tide beach. Good views from there into land. And of course a pix at the Bay Hotel is a must and to put my name down in the book there!


Raven House B&B is the second building from the left with this view from the bedroom. Very pleasing to the eyes to spend the last 2 nights of UKc2c hike in this location.


The narrow cobblestones streets are charmingly quaint and the old town huddles around the dock with rows and rows of stone cottages. Have snapped shots from just about every corner…


111 steps of the man-made concrete stairs or the steep road to climb from the sea up to the main road.


Was at the Bay Hotel for dinner last night and the fresh mackerel is delicious with the salad. This handsome young chap ensured me that they were fresh as he personally caught them that morning. This morning was there and asked if there will be more fresh mackerel and they were honest enough to tell me that it depends if there is a catch. Decided to not bother to walk down and up the hill again.



After learning about jet (origins of the Monkey Puzzle Tree) from Gerry at Maltkiln House, have been keeping an eye on the ground to find it, no such luck. Bought a tiny piece for GBP4 S$7.80 at the Jet Black Jewellery here. Visited the museum and saw some jet and the half penny token displays.


Got an hour of massage at Treat Therapy GBP40 S$78; feeling relax and tired and with a grey sky, it is perfect for an afternoon nap before packing. Cab will be here tomorrow morning at 0615hrs!



17Aug 2017: edited with 2above pix credits to Martin Williams, an excellent English photographer and ecologist who lives in HKG.

Thu3Jun2021: appreciations to  DavidHalsall – edited by choosing the best video for me to reflect&remember this hike by.

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