Dedication to Glenda TRIPLETT

16 Aug 2013 – Hello Lovely Cousins!



Thu:  so good to see May&Lock and thank you for a delicious Japanese lunch at JaBistro****

Thoughts and reflections:
After walking an average of 12.5mi 20km daily for 16 days, time for body and soul to adjust back in this concrete jungle and when that gets overwhelming, then it will be time again for another hike, which seems to be yearly nowadays…
16 memorable and wonderful days&nights meeting new people in 3 national parks of the Lake District, Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors; on the English coasts of the Irish Sea and the North Sea; animals&insects (bees, birds, butterflies, cats, chickens, cows, dogs, donkeys, ducks, flies, goats, horses, sheep, geese, rabbits, B&Bs (guesthouses, hotels, hostels, inns&lodges), benches, bridges, bridleways&public footpaths (boggy, dry, muddy&swampy), camping&caravan grounds, castle, churches, cliffs, clouds, countryside/roads, farms (barns, gride, houses&land) fences, flowers, folds, forests, gates, grouse butts, highway crossings, hills (fells&mountains), mines&quarries, moor, museums, parks, pubs, railway stations&crossings, rains, ravines, rivers (beck,streams&waterfalls), rocks (cairns, boulders, stones&pebbles) of all sizes, signposts, stiles, stonewalls, sunshine, tearooms&cafes, trees, villages, valleys, waters (lakes, ponds&tarns), winds, etc etc is what the UKc2c is about!

Just because the 2,175mi 3500km (127days) AT thru’-hike/USA and McLehose/HKG 63mi 100km (7days) were completed, does not mean that the 192mi 310km UKc2c/UK (16days) thru’-hike was a piece of cake! Every long distance (anything 20+km per day over a couple of days) hike is different and just as difficult but if one really determine and discipline to complete it, then it can be done. Most important, that you enjoy walking in peace with nature.

Used to comment that it is so quiet that you can hear yourself think. One of the recent hikers commented that it is so quiet that you can hear the silence. That is exactly how it is and if you cannot handle this, long distance hiking is not for you.


Met with so many nice people on this journey but the one to thank most is to Glenda Triplett who has arranged and done all the logistic. Due to an unfortunate accident she could not join the hike and If not for her, this hike would not have been. Decided to continue with her plans and hard work and thus this walk was completed with thoughts for her speedy recovery and also for a few other friends who are fighting against cancer. Every step taken in this UKc2c are for their recovery too.

A moral being is one who is capable of reflecting on the past actions and their motives – of approving of some and disapproving of others – Charles Darwin