Day 6 UKc2c

2 Aug 2013 – Cumbria Lake District/4

Thursday 1Aug 2013 – Day 6 Shap – Orton 9mi/12.6km 0830-1300hrs

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Walking thru’ Shap, a village at the heart of Britain was quite a historic experience. Had to walked down the main street to get on the trail. No pix of Shap Abbey due to time and stress when passing by it yesterday.  New Ing Lodge has a wall map of the UKc2c in the dinning room. Had fish & chips dinner last night at the Shap Chippy***


Found the path leading onto the muddy and shitty! farmlands to cross the motorway on the overhead bridge. This is the first time to cross the M6, strange to see the motorway and cars zooming by….


Crossing the moors all morning, muddy and boggy but at least not misty. Glad to meet the 2 familiar hikers who were at the same lodgings the night before, and also doing the UKc2c. This will probably be the last I see of them and they plan to hike the whole trail in 10 days. One of them has done it many years ago, so the path today must be the correct one!!


Amazing limestone pavement, quite contrasting views compared to yesterday.


Got into Orton earlier than expected to find the B&B locked! Had something to drink at the new cafe across the road and walked around the area within 15mins. Delightful village with a church getting ready for a wedding.


A chocolate factory where one can just about to get everything in chocolate.! Went back to the B&B and dozed on the steps of the entrance! Thought I was dreaming when some familiar hikers from across the road came by, and yes it was the group from St Bees who I though would have been way ahead by now, but the group seemed smaller. Accompanied them to the cafe for tea to discover that 2 of their younger boys did not feel up to the hike. Fun exchanging notes, info and contacts: ‘Daft – WellyWalkers’ with Jeff & Joby (father&son), George and Mark with the long hair. Thank you for crossing paths.



Cousin Yat-Soon & family are in the area and appreciations to them for driving over to pick me up for dinner in Greystoke (Tarzan), not on the walking UKc2c but on the cycling UKc2c trail. Took us 20mins to drive by Shap (took me 5hrs to walk!!!) on the way to Greystoke. Helen’s cousin owns the Boot & Shoe Pub and thank you to Yat-Soon&Helen for a lovely dinner and a pack-lunch from there. Got back to the B&B by 22.30hrs, had just enough energy to brush teeth and zzzz

Night: Thu 1Aug at Mostyn House, Orton GBP40 S$78 for a room and separate bathroom.