19 Aug 2013 – Where Cousins Meet In Toronto

This must be the only place where paternal side LAM and maternal side TSANG cousins can be found together.

2013_01TSANG YanChuen, mother’s youngest and #10 brother is the only one alive from her siblings and generation. Was hoping to meet him but unfortunately he has not been well. Memories from childhood stories about him looking like the actor Charles Bronson have somehow been stuck in the mind. Appreciations to Anna TSANG for the recent pix and wishing this handsome uncle a speedy recovery!


He is the boy standing on the far right in shorts in the maternal family pix, the only one we all have of the complete family then. Could identify maternal grandparents and mother’s siblings but not sure who the kids are except for my eldest brother Lawrence. The list of names are in SIN and will update and edit when back in SIN.


TSANG family visiting father in SIN 1980s? Front row sitting: 4th aunt TSANG YokeLan, father LAM TinYue, 6th aunt TSANG LaiLan. Back row standing: 8th uncle TSANG YanBal/Eddie & his wife auntie Betty, 10th auntie LI PuiKwai &10th uncle TSANG YanChuen who is the only one still being…

Was thrilled and delighted to meet up with TSANG cousins last week. Last meeting with cousin Kathleen LEUNG KarLing (4th maternal aunt TSANG YokeLan’s daughter) was in SIN for father’s 80th Birthday celebrations 1991. 4th aunt was also there and that was the time she told the story as to how mother and father met. 4th aunt was the appointed governess to teach paternal aunties and father showed interest in 4th aunt. She then told father that she was spoken for and will return to HKG and send her younger sister TSANG MayLan (mother) to take her place as the governess. And that was how the fairy-tale started…


Standing: Henry LO, Kathleen LEUNG KarLing married LO, Anna TSANG, me and sitting, LAM KahYun

So nice to meet Henry LO, KarLIng’s husband and Anna TSANG, 10th uncle’s youngest daughter for the first time. Both Kathleen KarLing and Anna have got the TSANG family tree names down both in English and Chinese. Will need time to sort that out when back in SIN.

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