Days 8-9 UKc2c

5 Aug 2013 – Cumbria Lake District & Yorkshire Dales

Sat 3Aug 2013 – Day 8 Kirkby Stephen – Keld 11m/17.6km 0630-1600hrs


Leaving KS by Frank’s Bridge to join the path (above 2 pix taken the evening before in search of the path for the next day and the lights were perfect).



Passing the half way mark of this walk and continuing up away from KS. Hares have become the usual sight over the past days. Interesting benches on the way up to the Nine Standards Rigg.


Nine Standards is the summit of Hartley Fell in the Pennine Hills. It lies near the boundary between Cumbria and N Yorkshire. The name is derived from a group of cairns. Their original purpose is uncertain but one possibility is that they marked the boundary between Westmorland and Swaledale.

Even with a map, was lost again at the Nine Standards. Headed the wrong direction downhill for an hour to discover a gamekeeper’s home to ask for directions. Andrew kindly explained and drove me up the hill again on his 4 wheeler as not ordinary car could have gone there! The private property belonged to some people who only are here for grouse hunting. So there I was heading thru’ the bog for another half hour up to the Nine Standards again but from another direction…



There were 3 alternative routes but at least there is a signpost. Took the Blue Route and was told no matter which route, they are just as boggy but the afternoon turn out to be a nice walk after the lost windy walk. Glad to see familiar faces/Daft Wellywalkers having tea at the Ravenseat Farm, the woman with 7 children and 6 were born on the road on the way to the hospital as this is soooo remote!.  Smooth and pleasant walking into Keld.

Night: Sat 3Aug at Butt House, Keld. Room with bathroom attached, dinner+a drink GBP50 S$97 and this is the only location that did not refund Glenda’s deposit not did they let me use what was deposited. Quite a butt… !

Sun 5Aug 2013 – Day 9 Keld – Reeth 12m/19.3km  0700-1330hrs


A wet start but was prepared for it. A sign that is not so faded and goodbye Keld…


With all these rains it is no wonder that the scenery is so green, now heading to the Swaledale Valley.


Considering my weakness in map reading when there are no signs, especially up on the moors, chose the lower route by the River Swale with view of a charming village and fun to go thru’ Gunnerside in dry weather.



From Gunnerside it was an easy walk by the river all the way into Reeth; happy to get in at a decent time to check out the village and even wrote and mail a few postcards!


Hello again Daft Wellywalkers, the only people who started on the same day as I did at St Bees and still on the same pace!

Night: Sun 4Aug at Hackney House Reeth. Room with bathroom attached GBP40 S$78